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Korea B&C Co., Ltd., which is a global cosmetic research lab company registered with the Ministry of Science and ICT,conducts joint research and development projects based on the excellent technology transferred from Daegu Haany University,Asia's top cosmetic bio-industry hub.

As the only university in Korea that boasts tradition and competence in cosmetics,Daegu Haany University opened the first cosmetic pharmacology department in the country.Selected as a specialized university in cosmetics, the university is leading the local K-beauty industry

Korea B&C Co., Ltd. conducts research and development projects jointly with Daegu Haany University.The company focuses on developing innovative products that customers want by tappinginto the university's research equipment and facilities.

Brands: K-Beauty No.1 Multi-care Brand, DIBLANC


  • DIBLANC Sweetheart Tintstick
    Lip Balm + Tint + Lipstick 3 in 1...

  • ○ Active Ingredients

    - Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Shea Butter

    ○ Plenty of plant-derived oil to protect moisture

    - Naturally derived healthy plant oil that fills the moisture and nutrition of the lips

    ○ Found the perfect lovely pink for me

    - Offers a variety of customized pink colors depending on lip temperature and pH

    ○ Ultimate adhesion that lasts all day

    - Completely adheres to the lips and lasts all day without smudging

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