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"We provide innovative products that enhance the beauty and health of our customers"
We are a growing company based on our vision and core values.
DS Tech Co., Ltd. is a B2B specialist that specializes in developing and producing cosmeceutical products that can solve skin care and treatment at the same time, such as cosmetics such as cosmetic/plastic medical devices and micro-needle patch products, and supplying them to major domestic and foreign bio companies and hospitals.
As a company that strives to improve the quality of beauty and create customer value, we promise to grow into a company that contributes to customers and society by creating and providing differentiated products and adding new value.

Brands: Itcos'tin FUNEES


  • Itcos'tin Tok Tok Patch
    A product that helps to provide elasticity to aging skin and intensive care for the skin in a very small area....

  • - Itcos'tin Tok Tok Essence  Eye Patch

    Hyaluronic Acid (HA) ingredients and efficacy make it easy to use without side effects, providing elasticity to aging skin and helping to focus skin care in the smallest areas.

    - Itcos'tin Tok Tok  Trouble Patch

    It contains effective ingredients that help with skin care and skin improvement, which helps improve skin and protects skin with watercolor layers that block and absorb harmful substances during use.

    - Itcos'tin Illumina Dermagate Micro Chip Roller

    A premium skin care product that helps skin intensive care and absorption of active ingredients by stimulating the skin with the high adhesion of the silicone roller puff combined with microchips.


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