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Aaryan Ramzan always looked younger than he was. No sunscreen, no moisturizer, but a lot of cigarettes and wine. Yet, at 40 years of age he was being constantly mistaken for a teenage boy.

Then, everything, from his skin to his entire life, changed completely. He made the brave decision to match his outside to what was always on the inside, and transition.  His once clear complexion and entire body broke into severe acne. The kind that leaves deep craters. It wasn't till a friend mentioned he looked 10 years older than his age, did he start paying attention to his skin.

Just as Aaryan’s healing was from the inside out, he understands the importance of packaging. Eco-friendly, glass bottles and recycled kraft paper packaging envelope each product. Aaryan’s background also inspires this brand. His diverse family and his experience as a transman ignites his passion for equality and justice.

 Earth & Halo embodies those values. Face serum is just the beginning. The focus is not just skincare, but overall wellness that includes the environment. Aaryan understands deeply the diverse need for skin, hair, beauty products and strives to aid all in their journey to become themselves.

Brands: Blue Crystalline Super Charged Face Serum Apple Of My Eye, eye cream

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    Blue Crystalline Face Serum 

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    Apple Of My Eye

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  • Blue Crystalline Face Serum
    Blue Crystalline, an innovative, multi-faceted serum that fully enhances your own skin’s glow. Healing from the inside out so you can allow your natural allure shine because everyone deserves to feel beautiful as is....

  • EarthnHalo Blue Crystalline Power-Packed Face Serum is formulated to adapt and improve in response to your unique, ever-changing skin. Just as powerful as it is gentle, each drop of Blue Crystalline harnesses the restorative powers of all the ingredients necessary, as recommended by dermatologists, for healthy skin. The most potent non-prescription serum on the market, high-quality, clinically-proven botanical extracts,  the serum is powerful yet gentle. Discover the extraordinary combination of potent yet gentle organic extracts, peptides, and hyaluronic acid as they are delivered to the deepest dermal layer via patented micro-emulsion technology with a penetration rate 5x higher than other serums on the market. And, it’s vegan!


    Glow from within with our unique formulation that harnesses the healing powers of Lotus, Japanese Indigo, Edelweiss, Rock Samphire, Sea-grapes, Peptides, and Hyaluronic acid, all in one serum. These ingredients, each with unique benefits, come together to clear clogged pores, while hydrating (balancing moisture levels), brightening, soothing, boosting collagen, improving circulation, and providing protection. These effects target the root of unhealthy complexions and strengthen the damaged skin barrier, thus addressing the issues at the surface of our skin, calming and clearing breakouts, smoothing away wrinkles and aging, dissolving away texture and impurities.   
    • White Water Lily Extract (Lotus): Known to control excess oil production & strengthens the skin barrier.
    • Rock Samphire Extract: Known for its Antibacterial properties purifying pores and nourishing them with brightening antioxidants
    • Edelweiss Extract: Contains more antioxidants than Vitamin C. Soothes and conditions stressed-out skin.
    • Sea-Grape Extract: Known to improve elasticity and moisture levels in the skin.
    • Japanese Indigo Extract: Rich with essential kind-to-skin vitamins and minerals.
    • Plant-Based Peptides: Reduce the appearance of fine lines, by supporting collagen in the skin.
    • Sodium Hyaluronate: Improves overall texture, tone, and clarity.


    We believe helping all sentient beings, taking care of our environment, and empowering those in need to achieve self-sustainability and equality are parts of what makes the world beautiful.



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