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ELROEL is a K-beauty makeup brand created with a delicate sensibility, touch, and technique of the professional makeup artist, Yoo Yang-Hee. The brand portrays the know-hows from her experience working with supermodels and celebrities for 30 years. ELROEL helps women express one's uniqueness in an easy and beautiful way through their products. Create your own special stories every day by adding unique colors and touches of ELROEL to your daily makeup!


    Big size sun cushion with triple effects (Wrinkle care, Brightening, UV protection): contains aloe vera leaf juice which soothes irritated skin, and contains vitamin & herbal extracts that provide instant cooling sensation and suncare without stickiness.<br /><br />...

  • It is a big size sun cushion that contains sunscreen in a large 25g cushion container. It makes it easy and fast to apply sunscreen on the face, neck, arms and legs using its big size puff, without getting the product on your hands. Contains cooling patented ingredients that allow the skin temperature to decrease by 4.7 degrees instantly once applied, which leaves a cooling and refreshing finish. It has a blue light blocking effect and fine dust adhesion prevention effect, which protects the skin from not only ultraviolet rays but also many external contamination.

    Moisturizing lasts for 36 hours and instantly decreases the skin temperature by 4.7 degrees, and the 8-proof (UVA, UVB, Water-proof, Sand-proof, Sweat-proof, Activity-proof, Fine dust, Blue light) effects perfectly protect the skin against various external stimuli.

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