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Sustainable and beautiful packaging sets successful brands apart. At Evergreen, we have decades of experience developing and supporting major brands from ideation to full-scale. Through our global presence and streamlined operations, our customers get access to all the benefits of a global packaging portfolio without needing to deal with any of the complexities.

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Brands: Sustainable, Plastic, Glass, and Metal Packaging.


  • Sustainable Packaging
    Evergreen partners with the best facilities around the world in developing and manufacturing sustainable packaging. From bio materials to PCR, sustainable packaging reduces our carbon footprint without compromising on function and design....

  • PCR Packaging

    Post-consumer resin (PCR) are recycled materials from bottles, caps, and other plastic products. PCR supports sustainability, reduces landfill impact, and meets consumer demand. We offer PCR from 25-100% in plastic bottles, jars, caps, tubes, pumps, and sprayers.


    Bio-Resin Tubes

    Bio-resins are derived entirely from biological sources, such as sugarcane or corn. Our bio-resin tubes allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of plastic tube packaging without the environmental impact. Choose from a wide range of decoration options, including offset printing, flexo printing, hot stamping, silkscreen printing, and labeling.


    Refillable Packaging

    Refillable packaging is a sustainable option that is gaining popularity due to its environmental and economic benefits. Unlike single-use packaging, which often ends up in landfills, refillable packaging has a longer lifecycle, allowing brands to the freedom to achieve more luxury touches in their packaging without additional impact on the environment.

    Recyclable Tubes

    After years of development, fully recyclable tubes are now available as an eco-friendly option to replace traditional tubes that cannot be recycled in a single recycling stream. Our recyclable tubes can be decorated with offset printing, flexo printing, hot stamping, and silkscreen printing.


    Paper Tubes

    To reduce plastic usage, paper tubes have become an eco-friendly packaging of choice in recent years. Paper tubes can be direct fill-in (e.g., sunscreen, deodorant) or be used as a luxurious outer packaging for perfumes and other beauty products. Our paper tubes are FSC-certified and does not contain any animal-derived products.


    Paper Lipsticks

    To reduce plastic usage, paper lipsticks have become an eco-friendly packaging of choice. We offer both single-use and refillable paper lipstick options with a variety of decoration options, including CMYK printing and hotstamping.

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