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Fanola is a young, high-spirited and future-oriented brand. Its DNA can be summarised in 3 keywords: COLOR, CREATIVITY and SHARING.

COLOUR is the core of the Brand, it being the ultimate aim and the means for expressing dynamism and liveliness. Through colour, Fanola affirms its creativity, the will to dare and to overcome stereotypes, moving the concept of beauty one step beyond each day.

Inebrya creates beauty in every way. Irresistible fragrances, refined packaging that play with colors, soft textures like spoon cakes.

Inebrya is a brand that combines the very high performance of products with their power of seduction, able to lead the professional and the end consumer in an ultra-feminine and highly sensory world. Each product is designed to broaden the five senses with a seductive and engaging personality, for absolute pleasure. Beauty also means innovation with formulas that open new paths of femininity. 

Brands: Fanola Inebrya

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