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Fisiocosmetica was born from the idea of  three Pisan hairdressers who share the same desire: the care of the scalp and hair! 

Hair is for them the expression of the person, the element that enhances the face and harmonizes the features. The scalp is the ground, to be taken care of and to water to then reach the single result: gorgeous hair.

So in 1970 was born Fisiocosmetica. Within a few months, with the help of biologists, dermatologists and cosmetologists, Fisiolinea was formulated and created. This is the synthesis of their choices: to draw heavily from the Tuscan territory and from nature in general:

The Tuscan hills are rich in vines, olive trees and many other natural elements such as Essential Oils.

Fisiocosmetica entered the market with an absolute quality range line and soon what was a line of products for the few, conquered the market and more and more hairdressers and beauticians attest and praise its quality and results.

Brands: Fisiocosmetica was born from the idea of ​​three Pisan hairdressers who share the same desire: the care of the scalp and hair!


  • Fisiolinea Green
    Totally natural line of healing products. Formulated with essential oils and natural extracts....

  • From the over 50 years of experience in trichology market, the highest expression of a totally natural curative line.

    We have divided our line into the following categories:

    Fall line

    We use stimulating and vasodilating essential oils in cases where the skin is clear and asphyxiated, since it is necessary to recall circulation and functionality of the Dermis.
    Instead, we use soothing, calming and antibacterial oils, in cases where even in the presence of fall the skin is reddened and irritated, and it is therefore necessary to restore its optimal conditions.

    Dandruff Line

    We use a soothing oil in cases of skin with dry dandruff, to gently remove it.
    Instead, we use a mix of oil and antibacterial cream, if the skin in addition to dandruff also shows signs of redness and itching.

    Greasy Line

    Oily skin and hair are often of genetic origin (olive complexion and thick black hair).In this case we are talking about HYPERHIDROSIS.We treat such cases with an extremely effective and delicate lotion for daily use.In case of skin and hair that sweat easily (sweating), we keep using daily lotion but we wash the hair with a particularly delicate shampoo for frequent use.

    Dry Line

    In this line we use a mix of natural fatty oils and keratin up to 100% to give shine and softness to all hair types.The result is optimal already after the first application.

    In our range of products you can also find lines for Men, Women, Children and Ambient scent.

    We also take care of customizing cosmetics with your BRAND !

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