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  • Tesmed Cellulite : manual massager made in Italy
    manual massage that lifts, compresses, smooths. Clinically proven to be effective . It takes 3 minutes per day . After 2 weeks: up to - 1.7 cm on the thigh and after 4 weeks significant improvement of: orange peel skin-microcirculation-skin elasticity<br /><br />...

  • Tesmed Cellulite 


    Clinically proven to be effective 

    Thanks to its shape and adjustable opening, treatment can be applied to both buttocks or to an entire leg, which the device completely surrounds. This means that you can finally treat both the inner and outer thigh simultaneously with a targeted and effective action.

    It takes just 3 minutes every day to energetically treat the appearance of cellulite. The design of Tesmed Cellulite exerts an efficient triple action: the rollers lift
    the skin, which is compressed and then smoothed, helping to stimulate the circulation and favour the elimination of excess liquids.

    Patent Pending

    Thigh circumference reduction afte 2 weeks: up to -1.7cm *

    After 4 weeks

    very significant improvement:

    • orange peel skin • microcirculation • skin elasticity

    The device has pairs of converging rollers that lift and squeeze the skin with a pinching and kneading effect, as well as pairs of diverging rollers that serve to stretch the skin.

    The action of the converging rollers favours the elimination of excess liquids and applies an energetic toning action, while the diverging rollers then stretch the skin, providing a smoothing action.

    It takes just a few minutes every day: the characteristic shape of Tesmed Cellulite allows you to cover almost the entire area to be treated in a single pass, for example surrounding the thigh or allowing both buttocks to be treated.

    Using Tesmed Cellulite can help users obtain softer and more elastic skin, and the treated area may appear more toned, slim and smooth, helping to obtain a significant reduction in the visible signs of cellulite.

    * ISPE Milan 49/21/01 – 66/21 - best result obtained

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