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Today Gabor Cosmetics is a succesfull business, with more than 50 years of history. The distinctive values of the company have remained unchanged over the years: devouted attention for quality and innovation. The brand has always stood for the constant search for innovative products, essential to anticipate trends and meet the taste and needs of a market that is constantly changing. In Italy, our products can be found in more than 1500 perfumeries and the trademark Gabor Selective distinguishes the excellence of Gabor Cosmetics production. High quality cosmetics, innovative and ultra-effective formulations included in an elegant and original packaging. And all at a "fair" price, more than competitive in perfumery. In 2020 Gabor Cosmetics has decided to open up to digital market launching the Shop Online.

Brands: An extraordinary synergy of 9 different hyaluronic acids per structure and dimensions capable of acting on multiple levels in the skin to prevent and fight skin aging with 9 antiaging actions.

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  • Gabor Cosmetics kicks off its futuristic "Blockchain Project" for Gabor Selective products with 9 Hyaluronic Acids. The Italian cosmetic company is the first in Italy and among the first in the world to implement this technology to certify its production chain and the "Made in Italy" origin of its cosmetic products.

    The "Gabor for bees project" is born. An environmentally friendly, solidarity - circular and sharing economy project which aims at repopulating the Val Troncea in Piedmont with millions of bees, creating the conditions for a more ecological and respectful approach to the environment and our planet.



    An extraordinary synergy of 9 different hyaluronic acids per structure and dimensions capable of acting on multiple levels in the skin to prevent and fight skin aging with 9 antiaging actions....

    All over antiaging, filler, multi-moisturising effect

    Light texture, immediate absorption.
    It carries out an extraordinary moisturising action, deep into the skin, with filler and skin-plumping effect on wrinkles and signs of aging. It is enriched with UV filters and antioxidant ingredients that protect the face from photoaging and pollution.
    With consistent application, the skin will look more youthful and fresh.

    Complete antiage, nourishment, density and volume

    Rich and ultra-comfortable texture. It has an extraordinary long-lasting moisturising action in the epidermal tissues where it helps to reduce the signs of aging. It contains marine collagen, elasticizing and redensifying, and is enriched with precious oils and vegetable butters. Day after day micro-wrinkles and expression lines are reduced and the perfectly nourished skin becomes more turgid and compact.

    Antiage booster, redensifying

    Serum with high concentration of active ingredients that empower the antiage effects of the 9 Acides Hyaluroniques creams. It ensures deep moisturising action, filler and skin-plumping effects on wrinkles and signs of aging. Day after day, micro-wrinkles and expression lines reduce, the skin becomes more compact and the face contour becomes more defined.

    Wrinkle reducing filler, lifting effect

    Just a few drops are enough for an intense anti-age multi-level action: deeply redensifying while on the surface has immediate and progressive filler effect on the skin around the eyes. It also contains an extract of seaweed with lifting action. Right from the first applications, the skin appears smoother and more uniform.

    Anti-wrinkle, skin-plumping, youthful effect

    A filler-based skin-plumping pamper for lip contour and nose to lip wrinkles. In addition to 9 hyaluronic acids, it contains precious ingredients that stimulate thecreation of collagen. With consistent use, the lip contour appears remodelled and relaxed, wrinkles are corrected, and nose to lip wrinkles are less deep.

    Perfecting anti-age, anti-age mark, lightener and brightener

    Rich and comforting, it reduces and corrects dark spots on the face and dyschromia of the skin, with sunscreen to prevent their return. Extra hydration is supplied by a precious synergy of nine Hyaluronic Acids. An anti-ageing tripeptide has a plumping, firming and filling action. Magnolia extract evens out and brightens the skin.

    Pure concentrated active of nine hyaluronic acids, intense plumping action

    Pure active concentrate formulated with nine different molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid which go to work on the entire skin structure, offering maximum hydration and new firmness. Its intensive filling, plumping, protective and emollient action contrasts skin ageing.


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