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The Sindo P&G makes customers beautiful every day.

As a professional cosmetics R&D and manufacturing (OEM/ODM) company we are doing our best for you based on research systems and production facilities & technical skills that meet international standards.

Build state-of-the-art systems with the largest production capacity

Sindo P&G Co., Ltd. manufactured cutting-edge in a large, spacious and pleasant natural environment.

Production facilities have been built as a fully automated system, and products are produced under a strict quality assurance system in accordance with global standards (ISO 9001/14000) and (ISO22716).


  • GraceDay Marine Collagen
    Grace Day Marine Collagen Toner 150ml<br />Grace Day Marine Collagen Ampoule 50ml<br />Grace Day Marine Collagen Eye Cream 30ml<br />Grace Day Marine Collagen Cream 50ml<br />Grace Day Marine Collagen Moisturizing Cream 100ml...

  • Grace Day Marine Collagen Toner 150ml
    Grace Day Marine Collagen Ampoule 50ml
    Grace Day Marine Collagen Eye Cream 30ml
    Grace Day Marine Collagen Cream 50ml
    Grace Day Marine Collagen Moisturizing Cream 100ml

    Contains hydrolyzed collagen
    It is quickly absorbed into the skin and prevents dryness of the skin and gives vitality and radiance to the skin, making it elastic. It also helps to maintain healthy skin by maintaining skin balance.

    Contains 4 types of complex hyaluronic acid and moisturizing ingredients
    It contains ingredients of various sizes and characteristics to create a feeling of moisture between the skin and to reduce moisture loss to help maintain moist skin.

    Contains madecassoside ingredients
    Soothes tired skin from the external environment.

    Contains a variety of 4 types of peptide ingredients
    It helps the skin barrier and elasticity, and it adheres to the skin to effectively deliver active ingredients.

    "Patent ingredient Pure medi
    [Patent No. 10-1363413]"
    PURE MEDI, a patented ingredient that helps improve skin texture, brings beauty to the skin.

    Helps in skin whitening
    Helps improve skin wrinkles

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