H&G Corporation

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Since 2006, we have been provided a bespoke solution to our customers around the world.
From packaging to formulation, we will take our customers through the whole process,
bringing their vision to market quickly, on budget, and beyond expectations.


We are a leading full-service supplier, working together with a team of experts. We create
innovative formulations aligned with your company needs, including clean and compliant,
cruelty-free, and vegan claims.


We were designated as a Global Marketing Developer by Korea International Trade Association,
and have achieved US$20 Million in exports. With rich experience in the global beauty
industry, we will support our customers wherever they are in the world.


1. An exceptional ability to source
2. Broad capacity in Cosmetics
3. Turnkey Solution
4. Cost-effective Strategy
5. Partnership - A sense of unity
6. Instant Following-up

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