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Huwell Chemicals has been working with passion in the cosmetic industry since 1960, and it’s globally considered the world leader of hair bleaching powders.We serve customers and hair colourists all over the world, and thanks to our expertise, flexibility, quality and unique production method we can offer outstanding and formulation and eclectic tailor-made solution to lighten every type of hair. Because life is better in blond. 

At the beginning our mission was to provide the very best hair bleaching products for hair colourists, to give them the right tools to lighten hair locks all over the world. Yet, now at Huwell Chemicals, we have a new important piece to add to our original mission: to give you the powder to brighten the hair with stellar, but sustainable, bleach

HC runs only on renewable energy, to offset our emissions we’re helping reforesting projects in every continent. Huwell Chemicals newest formulations have a lower impact on the environment, all our boxes are FSC certified, and the flexible packaging options we proposed have a reduced footprint compared to rigid ones. 

HC was prized with the silver medal for sustainability from Ecovadis 2022!

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