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- ICOSI was established in 2013 to actualize beauty with the eyes of women. By analyzing various areas of Eyeliner, we have developed into superior products. ICOSI contributes more than 70 new products every year. ICOSI is actively supporting customers through design support and performance improvement. ICOSI has a wide range of activities ranging from producing the best eyeliner containers to supplying the finished products.


- Producing single and dual types of eyeliner containers (You can configure various products such as cartridges or filters types etc.)
- Participation in joint product development(Product mold design, partial support for mold production, wood production, etc.)
- Providing and filling of eyeline contents
- Producing product line-ups for sale brand 'CHIDUCK CHIDUCK FACTORY'
- Manufacture of single-phase agents for general eyeliner / customer-oder made single-phase agents

Brands: icosi is specialized in eyeliner and eyebrow are also specialized in eye cosmetics which are continuously supplied to global companies by OEM & Finished product.


  • eyeliner and eyebrow finished products, containers
    Eyeliner ink : Water-proof, Color-rich and Difficult to smear, 24 hours Long-lasting, Easy to use, Water Resistance, Our eyeliners contain Black ink, utilizing FDA-approved Carbon black in composition...

  • Ink-storage in Cartridge  : Same color from start to finish during use

                                         Clear line with one stroke, No dry out

                                         Long period of use-providing over 60m(0.55ml) or 30m(0.3ml) of eye lining

       Double capping           : Sealed with inner cap to prevent brush/nib from drying

    Dual type eyeliner + corrector : This is new one to be composed liquid eyeliner & corrector in one pen

                                                 Easy to use & carry in the cosmetic bag

    Brush type                  : Micro-fine lines with soft polyester brush
    Nip type(Felt tip)          : Clear and easy to remove lines with flexible urethane nib

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