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JoyLife Co., Ltd. is a global specialized company that manufactures/produces functional cosmetics and health foods. We are building customer satisfaction and trust through the planning and development of products that meet customer needs, and rapid follow-up and response system. We promise to stand tall in the global market as a leading company in the cosmetics industry and beauty culture through differentiated product strategy, continuous quality improvement, scientificization of management, and thorough compliance with principles. Our motto "New Face, New Life" and the management philosophy of "Customer Satisfaction, Trust Management, and Nature," we will keep our faith.

1) Majorities

- Skin care

- Sunblock & Base

- Cleansing & Body care

- Mask pack & Peel-off pack

- Wet tissue

- Healthy food

2) OEM & ODM

Joylife has it is own factory & research institute which are specialized in manufacturing healthy food. We provide the productions by exclusive contracts with the major domestic and overseas distribution networks.


    Whitening<br />-Toner<br />- Serum<br />- Cream<br />- Tone Up Cream...

  • 1. Vital Lightening Toner

    It helps to fill a moist up to the inner skin compactly by the 8 layers of 
    hyaluronic for the moisturizing.

    2. Vital Lightening Serum

    It helps to reproductivity of damaged skin that Builds up a skin barrier 
    and sooth the skin to be elastic.

    3. Vital Lightening Cream

    It helps to reproductivity of damaged skin that builds up a skin barrier 
    and cares skin to be elastic.

    4. Vital Tone Up Cream

    Moisturizing and non-sticky texture provide instant and natural ton-up.

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