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K89 is a young, dynamic and innovative brand of hair care products, which includes a wide range of products and treatment lines for hair loss, reconstruction, straightening, styling, color, oxidants and bleaching. K89 also has a complete line formulated under the Curly Girl Method philosophy. It uses natural ingredients combined with the most advanced ingredients for a perfect result.

Skull Men is the specific line for barbering, containing fantasy color, bleaching, beard care, shaving and fixing products.

Brands: K89 SkullMen


  • Curly method products
    They are carefully formulated and made exclusively for all those people who want to take care of their hair in a healthy way. It can be said that they are products for the method, made by and for this purpose....

  • K89. We are a large family of professionals concerned with the treatment and recovery of damaged hair.

    SkullMen. Skull Men was born in 2014 offering a complete line of barber shops.

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