Kis Haircare

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KIS introduces what seemed unattainable for many years, The cleanditioners by Royal KIS make possible: Optimal cleansing, optimal repair, optimal protection – without compromise. All-in-Ones seemed unattainable for decades, but all the while, the solution had been around for almost a century. The Dutch Nobel Prize winner Johannes Diderik van der Waals (1837-1923) was well ahead of his time when he discovered the principle that forms the base of Royal KIS. The so-called ‘van der Waals forces’ assume an attractive force between neutral molecules. That is why the innovative formulae of the cleanditioners, for which a patent is pending, work with neutral conditioning ingredients. Keratin and modified poloxamine do not impede each other’s functioning, they even complement each other. These never-before-used combinations create the perfect base. For further treatments, such as coloring and transformation.

Brands: KIS combines the best of American and European hair care. The range consists of care, styling, color and perms. The common denominator for all products is the revolutionary Keratin Infusion System.

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