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KOCOSTAR thrives to be the No 1 beauty care mask brand that delivers innovative & quality at-home spa treatments. Launched in Korea in 2013, KOCOSTAR is steadily reaching toward the goal to be the Korean Cosmetic Star around the globe to address your hair to feet beauty needs.

Our Mission Statement

We believe everyone can be beautiful regardless of gender and age. Our belief is defined by family-friendly, witty masks that any member of a family – from grandparents to grandchildren – can use safely.

We develop beauty products that anyone may have thought of, but no one dared to make. We are always ready to listen, observe, and research to make your idea a reality, even if it may seem reckless at the moment.

We aim for beauty products that not only reveal your true beauty, but also make you beautiful while using them. Forget about that scary, ridiculous mask-look and be a fashionista with our masks that are beautiful from their packages.

We are gaining its reputation as a revolutionary and innovative mask brand around the globe. Meet our signature mask series in leading beauty retailers – both online and on-site – and luxury department stores in 100+ countries worldwide. 

 Press Releases

  • June 27, 2022


    Kocostar brings a cutting-edge product to premier beauty exhibition

    World-renowned skin care pioneers to showcase T1 Collagen Cream at Cosmoprof Las Vegas

    SEOUL (June 27, 2022) — The 2022 Cosmoprof will bring out the beauty industry’s newest and best products, but the offering from Kocostar is sure to be a highlight among them.

    The brand is proud to announce they will feature the clinically proven therapeutic benefits of T1 Collagen Cream at the exhibition.

    “T1 Collagen Cream is a cream-to-film hybrid mask that dries clear over time. Collagen peptides and other active ingredients in the cream are better absorbed when encased in the skin-friendly barrier,” said Kocostar co-founder Jong Jin An. “Often used in clinics for professional wrinkle care, the product has been proven to reduce signs of aging and add radiance over 24 hours.”

    The film works as occlusive dressing, necessary as nutrients often evaporate before entering the skin. 

    “The secret is the patent-pending combination of naturally sourced chitosan and alginic acid,” Jong Jin said. “The powerful combination allows premium nano-sized marine collagen to penetrate the skin and reach deep down the dermal layer quickly and efficiently.”

    T1 collagen structures and rebuilds skin tissues in the human body. Doctors often use it to promote wound healing. The specific type of collagen helps restore firmness and softness of the skin as well.

    “Our system makes it easy to use,” Jong Jin explained. “Our hybrid cream combines the benefits of sheet masks and cream masks. You can easily apply it on curved spots and over wrinkles of varying depths and sizes.”

    In addition to T1 collagen, the cream contains three botanical complexes for ageless radiance.

    “Our cream is ideal for women on the go,” he continued. “Since it dries into a film, one can lie down or exercise without worrying about smudging.”

    Although the cream looks similar to other peel-off masks available on the market today, Kocostar’s T1 Collagen Cream is fundamentally different. The film cleanly detaches, leaving behind skin with a healthy glow.

    “First-time users are often left in awe of how radiant and glossy their skin looks. The end effect is like turning back the clock,” Jong Jin added. “Life adds depth as we age, and so does our skin. Your skin should glow as brightly as your life, and our product can make that happen.”

    And it is conveniently packaged with up to seven treatments in each tube. Following the recommended usage, one tube will last an entire month.

    Showcasing their revolutionary product at the 2022 Cosmoprof North America is somewhat of a full circle for the company, whose roots can be traced back ten years to Cosmoprof Worldwide.

    “Our story began on a bright clear day of March 2012 at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Italy,” Jong Jin said. “Without knowing about branding or how to begin, I focused on my desire to present K-Beauty to the world proudly. Everyone at Kocostar continues following that vision by developing cutting-edge products now available across the globe.”

    A leading business-to-business beauty exhibition in the Americas, Cosmoprof North America focuses on both personal and professional beauty solutions. 

    The event is recognized for its dynamic growth and unique programs, allowing the entire beauty industry to form new relationships and foster collaborations.

    In addition to introducing revolutionary technologies, product innovations, and new channels for manufacturing, packaging, and distribution, the CPNA serves as the premier platform for launching new beauty brands.

    “We are excited to be a continuing part of this ongoing beauty exposition and look forward to the 2022 edition,” Jong Jin said.

    For more information about Kocostar, visit their website, kocostarusa.com.

    The company also maintains a presence on social media, including FacebookPinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

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    Contact Information

    Joseph Cho




    KOCOSTAR Collagen Cream is an innovative mask that forms a clear film so that you can apply it to any desired area at any time....

  • KOCOSTAR T1 Collagen Cream is a hybrid cream mask that dries into a clear film over time. The film enhances the penetration and absorption of collagen peptides and other active ingredients in the cream. Clinically proven to visibly reduce signs of aging and add radiance for up to 24 hours, the product is often used in clinics for professional wrinkle care.

    Features & Benefits

    1.Premium Fish Collagen
    The key ingredient of our cream is Type I or T1 collagen (65% v/v). It structures and rebuilds skin tissues in our body 
    and is often used by medical professionals to promote recovery. 

    2.Hybrid Cream Formulation
    Our cream features the advantage of both cream mask and sheet mask. It’s easy to apply on curved spots and over wrinkles that vary in 
    depth and size.

    3.Ageless Radiance 

    Aside from T1 collagen, the cream contains three botanical complexes (Soothing 7 Complex, Lifting 7 Complex, and Antioxidant 7 Complex) 
    for all-in-one skincare.

    4.Perfect for On-the-Go 

    Our cream is perfect for busy women. Since it dries into a film, one can take a nap or exercise without smudging clothes or 

    Patented Technology

    1.Transdermal Delivery System
    The regular collagen molecule is too big and cannot go through our dermal layer. 

    2.Occlusive Dressing Technique
    The patent-pending technology of combining chitosan and alginic acid (from natural sources) allows our cream to form a skin-friendly barrier. 

    Clinical Study
    - Primary Skin Irritation

    - Elasticity Improvement

    - Wrinkle Reduction

    - Skin Density Improvement 

    - 24-Hour skin Radiance

    - Skin Moisture Improvement

    - Skin Lifting Effect

    - Freckle and Pigmentation Reduction 

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