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All our products are born from a physiological approach, respectful of the nature of the skin, which aims at the specific causes of imperfections. Our products are tested in clinical trials, this guarantees efficacy and maximum tolerability.

Our lines are complete and cover all needs, from dry and sensitive skin, to skin affected by dermatitis (Lenaderma Line), or skin with problems due to oncological therapies (Ontherapy line).

Our portfolio also boasts of products dedicated to the beauty and well-being of women, with the Seno3D line dedicated to the breast clinically proved to improve breast cup size, and XtraTone line dedicated to reducing stretch marks and increasing skin tone.

For professional use, Dermomagnetic Maschera al Ferro® is a patented treatment that firms, eliminates impurities, provides a phisyological and functional rebalance of the skin. The skin acquires a bright, silky, toned, compact and elastic look.

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