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LUCKCBD is owned by the Luck Company LLC and is a certified women-owned business (WBENC) located in St. Louis, MO.  In 2021,  we received the prestigous CosmoTrends award for our LUCKCBD Revitalizing Shampoo and we are excited to return to CosmoProf in 2022.  LUCKCBD haircare products are produced with high-quality, efficacious ingredients that are known to be good for hair.  We do ot use sulfates, parabens, waxes or synthetic fragrances. Our formulas include sustainabily farmed, USA CBD Isolate that is third-party tested for quality to ensure it is free of THC along with organic pea shoot extract, two different types of amino acids, panthenol and more.  This amazing, luxurious haircare line is produced in Tennesse in a GMP-manufacturing facility and we use an FDA-certified Lab combined with a working salon to develop our innovative, hard-working formulas.  The LUCKCBD leadership team has over 50 years experience in marketing, hair care, and salon management. We sell our products direct to consumers through our website, wellness spas, boutiques and select salons.  

Brands: LUCKCBD Revitalizing Shampoos, Volumizing Conditioners, Restorative Hair Mask and Daily Nourish & Shine Serum

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  • Don't miss the most innovative products in hair care today!  CBD infused revitalizing shampoo, volumizing conditioner, restorative hair mask and daily nourish & shine serum.  Give your clients the amazing benefits of CBD, along with other good-for-hair ingredients.  No sulfates, parabens, waxes or synthetic fragrences.  It's simply good for hair, more natural ingredients combined with the magic of CBD to help restore and nourish hair.  


  • LUCKCBD Revitalizing Shampoo
    LUCKCBD Revitalizing Shampoo has USA farmed CBD isolate, organic peashoot extract, amino acids and essential oils.This luxurious, clean formula can help revitalize damaged, dry and aging hair.Made in the USA-No sulfates, paraben or synthetic fragrances....

  • LUCKCBD is a certified women-owned business and recipient of the 2021 CosmoTrends Award.  We manufacture our innovative products in 150,000 square foot GMP-certified plant and FDA-approved laboratory located in Tennessee.  Our products have been third-party tested for quality assurance and tested in homes to determine uniqueness and purchase interest.  

    Our carefully formulated hair care fuses the magic of CBD with other good-for-hair ingredients.  All LUCKCBD haircare products are safe for color-treated and aging hair and do not contain harsh chemicals, sulfates, waxes, parabens or other unnecessary ingredients.  We use CBD Isolate as well as organic pea shoot extract, wheat and soy amino acids, which are all known to support beautiful, stronger, healthier hair and can even promote hair regrowth.   Our CBD is sustainably farmed in the USA and has been tested to be free of THC.  The combination of high-quality CBD Isolate along with other select ingredients, has been shown to help restore hair to it's natural beauty and vibrancy.  

    CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and hair regrowth benefits.  Because our formulas are uniquely non-irritating, it means hair and scalp can soak in the the many benefits of our other good-for-hair ingredients.  We use gentle lathering ingredients that provide good suds and deep cleaning, but also rinse clean so that there is no added residue left on hair.  

    Our products are all ultra-concentrated with an 8oz. bottle lasting approximately four months of twice weekly use. And because our products rinse very clean, people are reporting they have to wash less often which is another big benefit.  

    Our shampoos and conditioners are available in two essential oil scents:  Rosemary Lavender and Peppermint.  Essential oils provide  added benefits of scalp and follicle support as well as a luxurious aromatherapy experience.  The restorative mask has no scent so that it can easily be left on hair for 20-30 minutes at a time.  The Nourish & Shine Daily Serum has a light peppermint scent. 

    We tested our LUCKCBD products in an in-home study prior to launch and learned that our products scored extremely high in quality of product and purchase interest. Since our in-home test we have been selling our products direct, through boutiques and select salons.  We have a consistent, and enthusiastic, fan base who have reported significant positive changes in their hair since using our products regularly.   

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