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March 8 - 12, 2021


Analysis of Microplastics in Water

  • (Half Day Course)
  • Course Number:SC7764
Tuesday,March 02, 2021:1:00 PM -5:00 PM


Damia Barcelo
Full Professor - IDAEA-CSIC, Director
Catalan Insitute for Water Research
Ruth Marfil-Vega
Sr Market Manager - Environmental


The analysis of microplastics (MPs) pollution in water is identified as one major problem the world is currently facing. Nowadays, it is estimated that annually between 4 and 12 million tones of plastic go into the seas and oceans—with a forecast for them to outweigh the amount of fish in 2050. Based on the existing studies, the characterization of MPs in waters is still one of the remaining challenges because they can be easily confused with organic or other types of matter. Consequently, there is an urgent necessity to analyze MPs in water. In this short course MPs characterization using Raman and FT-IR spectroscopies and microscopies, pyrolysis and thermal desorption gas chromatography, and liquid chromatography/mass sepctrometry will be discussed . This short course also summarizes and provides updated data on the sources and occurrence, transport and fate of MPs in aquatic ecosystems. Few case studies in Europe, US and China will be reported.

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Course Outline

1. Introduction to Microplastics (MPs)
2.Sampling, Sepaaration and Clean up of MPs in water
3.Identification, Quantitation and Confirmation
Raman and FT-IR spectroscopies and microscopies,
Pyrolysis and thermal desorption gas chromatography,
Lliquid chromatography/mass sepctrometry4.
4. Case studies on MPs in water from Europe, US and China

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Environmental Analysis,Mass Spectrometry,Microscopy,Raman Spectroscopy,Water-Wastewater

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Managers, Chemists, Technicians, Interest to analytical chemists involved in method development, laboratory personnel, scientists, and governmental and industry regulators.