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March 8 - 12, 2021


Titration Method Development & Electrode Care Course

  • (Half Day Course)
  • Course Number:SC7777
Friday,March 05, 2021:8:30 AM -12:30 PM


Kerri-Ann Blake
Product Manager
Metrohm USA


Titration is a widely used technique and provides vital information for quality control, concentration analysis, process control and final product testing in a variety of industries. This interactive short course takes a practical look at titration method development for potentiometric, colorimetric, thermometric and Karl Fischer titrations. Case studies from various industries will be used to introduce beginner and intermediate method development. Topics including electrode selection, troubleshooting and parameter optimization will be covered using examples from the chemical, polymer, environmental, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food and beverage industries.

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Course Outline

Titration is integral to most industries and can involve wide variations in sample types. Consistently attaining accurate and precise results can be challenging without understanding the core principles of titration and how they can be optimized. The theories and concepts covered in this course will provide attendees with the ability to optimize existing titration, apply new approaches where needed and consistently provide accurate data. Practical approaches are discussed to address challenges and achieve optimal parameters for titration applications.

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Environmental Analysis,Petroleum Analysis,Pharmaceutical Sciences,Quality/Regulatory/Compliance,Sample Preparation

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Target Audience:
This course is ideal for lab chemists, quality control personnel, analytical chemists involved in method development and validation and managers interested in an in-depth understanding of titration applications and optimization