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Mastering HPLC and UPLC

  • SC Office A302
  • Course Number:SC14579
Saturday,March 05, 2022:8:30 AM -5:00 PM


Lee Polite
Founder and President of Axion Analytical Labs and Axion Training Institute
Axion Analytical Labs, Inc. / Axion Training Institute, Inc.


HPLC is one of the most popular analytical tools in the world, yet very few people understand how it really works. During this course, you will not only understand it, but you will also master it! We'll start with a review of the fundamentals of HPLC/UPLC, and then I'll show you how to use those fundamentals to develop and optimize methods, cut your analysis time in half, and troubleshoot your instruments. My goal is to put you into the driver's seat, so you are in control of your HPLC and not the other way around! Dr. Polite has made a 25-year career out of explaining complex topics in an easily understood manner. This class is no exception.

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Course Outline

Introduction to HPLC - Worlds Greatest Separation Tool
Instrumentation - How to the nuts and bolts fit together...and basis of troubleshooting
Resolution - How does the separation work and how do I control it?
UPLC - What is it and how can I take advantage of it, with both new and old instruments.
Method Development

Learning Objectives

After this class you will have a clear understanding of how to choose the correct mobile phase, stationary phase, flow rate, temperature, column length, diameter, particle size, etc. You should be able to develop a method from scratch, optimize current methods, reduce your analysis and troubleshoot HPLC problems.

Additional Info

Categories (Up to 5):
Liquid Chromatography,Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry,Petroleum Analysis,Pharmaceutical Sciences,Teaching Analytical Chemistry

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Scientific Specialties:
Chromatography – Gas,Chromatography - Ion,Chromatography – Liquid,Chromatography - Other,Mass Spectrometry

Target Audience:
This class is ideal for any level HPLC person. The beginner will learn the fundamentals correctly, the intermediate will learn how to develop complex methods, and the advanced will sharpen their skills and be brought up to date.

Type of Industry:
Agriculture,Analytical Chemistry/Equipment/Instruments,Biotechnology/Biochem,Chemicals/Chemical Equipment,Contract Laboratory,Cosmetics/Fragrances/Flavors,Education,Energy/Power,Environmental/Air/Water/Wastewater,Food/Beverage/Consumer Products,Instrument Manufacturing,Laboratories/Research/Testing/Government Agency,Life Science/Bio,Manufacturing,Medical/Clinical/Forensics,Petroleum/Petrochemicals,Pharmaceutical,Polymers/Coatings/Rubber