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March 8 - 12, 2021


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Baytek International  

United States

Known to be the leading provider of state-of-the-art Quality Data Management Software, Baytek International aims to revolutionize the Petrochemical LIMS with its focus on high-throughput industrial labs  

Baytek operates with one goal in mind: Streamlining Lab Management & Workflows to Bring Down Operating Costs & Turnaround Time.  

For almost 40 years, Baytek has continually reimagined our products in response to ever-changing requirements in the industries we serve.   

There’s a reason why our customers trust Baytek for all their lab management needs:  

  • Unmatched deployment speed 
  • Out-of-the-box solutions  
  • Seamless integration with lab instruments   
  • Built-in SQC  
  • Flexible and intuitive reporting tools for current and historical data   
  • Automatic screening of suspicious data   
  • Award-winning customer support  

Baytek offers groundbreaking lab data management and reporting tools enabling real growth and driving continuous improvement. 


Baytek PittCon Video 2021

 Show Specials

  • (Mar 08, 2021)

    Take our LIMS Quiz to be entered to win an Apple Watch*. No cost to enter.
    The winner will be announced on March 12,2021 at 4pm CST.

    *Similar watch to be provided for those using Android. Only one watch will be given away.


    BLISS, Baytek International’s Fit-For-Purpose LIMS, is specifically optimized for QA/QC labs in support of industrial manufacturing....

  • BLISS is Baytek International’s most technologically advanced and feature rich lab management software. Four decades of customer feedback, company investment, and technological innovation have made BLISS The Industrial LIMS.

    Baytek’s Off-The-Shelf Product model allows for plug-and-play installations and simple ongoing software upgrades. This standardization enables the low cost and short-timeline implementation model that our customers expect from BLISS.

    BLISS offers our customers a “simply web” approach to Enterprise LIMS and an efficiency-improving “fit for purpose” workflows for manufacturing lab automation.

    Advanced Features Offered in BLISS Include:

    • Commodity and Customer-Product Specification Management
    • SQC Integrated Data Entry
    • iPRO Bi-directional Chromatography Interface
    • Management of Change with Notification
    • Intuitive User Workflow: Enter Results, Verify Data, and Generate COA with the Fewest Clicks
    • Support for Fully-Managed Cloud and On-Prem installations
  • QC/PLUS™ Integrated SQC Workflow Solution
    QC/PLUS is the leading SQC solution for ASTM D6299, ISO 4259-4 and EPA PBMS. Manage SQC simply and in real-time with QC Chart Kiosks, Automated Alerts and a Guided Workflow Solution. Available on-premise or Cloud, and integrated with any LIMS....

  • You have just purchased the world’s best SQC software for laboratories, now what?  Baytek will also become your partner in Quality, offering the following value-added services:

    • QC/PLUS Implementation Services: Project Management, Software Configuration, Dashboard and Kiosk Configuration, QC Report Configuration, Historical Data and Statistics Conversion, and more.
    • Virtual and Classroom Training: System Administration Course, QC/PLUS Bootcamp, ASTM 6299 Course
    • QC Mentorship Program: Baytek’s all new program comes with an annual subscription to an online library of training videos, access to QC/PLUS consultants, SQC and statistics SME’s, and assistance with a year-long QC assessment and improvement plan.
    • Users Group: become a part of a network of 100’s of professionals from all over North America, and across the globe, to share ideas and best practices for getting the most of your Quality Control Program.
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