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SPECTRO, a unit of AMETEK  

Mahwah,  NJ 
United States

SPECTRO, part of the AMETEK Materials Analysis Division - Our company designs, manufactures, and services a broad array of atomic spectroscopic instrumentation used to analyze the elemental composition of solids,powders and liquids. Using ICP, ICP-MS, optical emission or energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) measurement techniques, SPECTRO's instruments address the elemental analysis requirements of a variety of end markets, including, metal production and processing, environmental testing, hydrocarbon processing, chemical, academia, geochemical, aerospace, food processing, and pharmaceutical. SPECTRO i featuring the SPECTROGREEN ICP-OES that offers a unique plasma viewing called Dual Side-On Interface (DSOI). This new technique offers twice the sensitivity of traditional radial view ICP's. Along with the SPECTRO ARCOS Multi-View ICP that offers the ability to change the plasma view from a true EOP to a true SOP instrument in 90 seconds, the SPECTRO ICP product line offers revolutionary designs and unmatched performance. Visit us at

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  • SPECTRO Analytical Instruments has introduced the newest version of its SPECTROGREEN inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) analyzer: the SPECTROGREEN TI, featuring SPECTRO’s proven twin interface (TI)

    SPECTRO’s twin interface automatically combines both axial and radial plasma views — looking both across the plasma and from end-to-end — optimizing sensitivity, linearity, and dynamic range while avoiding matrix effects like EIE. The result: SPECTROGREEN TI offers the highest sensitivity for trace elements, as well as freedom from matrix interferences plus good accuracy for challenging environmental matrices.

    The SPECTROGREEN TI is the third and newest version of the SPECTROGREEN compact midrange ICP-OES analyzer. It delivers numerous advantages for a wide array of routine laboratory analyses — innovation and versatility; top-flight functionality; solid simplicity and ease of use; ensured durability and reliability; fast analysis for high productivity; and affordability.

    Other models include the SPECTROGREEN DSOI, with its unique radial dual side-on interface that provides twice the sensitivity of conventional radial views — equaling the sensitivity of newer vertical-torch dual-view systems while avoiding their complexity and headaches. The SPECTROGREEN SOP features a dedicated radial, single side-on interface for stability and precise performance where the added sensitivity of the DSOI is not needed.

    All three SPECTROGREEN versions deliver ultra-reliable, accurate analyses of elements — trace as well as higher concentrations — in challenging matrices, such as certain wastewaters, soils, and sludges, as well as organic, high-salts, and metal samples. SPECTROGREEN is ideal for routine elemental analyses in environmental and agronomy, consumer product safety, pharmaceutical, chemical/petrochemical, and food applications.

    SPECTROGREEN offers a competitive price/performance ratio and perhaps the lowest operating expenses in its class. All models save on consumables with innovative no-purge UV-PLUS and require no added cooling — eliminating the need for expensive, breakdown-prone external chillers.

    Additional features include SPECTRO’s ORCA optical technology that maximizes light throughput, stability, and sensitivity. SPECTROGREEN’s transparency and light throughput provide a best-in-class performance for UV elements, and a DSOI model, delivering twice the sensitivity of a conventional radial view across the whole spectral range. With access to the entire wavelength range via a single analysis, there’s no need to choose a viewing mode or make multiple analyses — a critical advantage for high-productivity laboratories.

    The analyzer’s GigE readout system significantly boosts spectra processing and transport speeds for faster analysis, shorter sample-to-sample times, and more samples per hour. The thermal stabilization of the optical system is achieved without sub-zero cooling. The analyzer’s optimized spectral range CMOS line array technology avoids blooming while providing a fast readout and a wide dynamic range. The latest LDMOS 1700 W generator helps analyze difficult sample matrices in lower dilutions to lower limits of detection while staying cool and trouble-free, ultimately delivering a fast warmup for higher productivity.

    SPECTROGREEN provides an easy-to-use experience. All sample introduction components are readily visible and accessible with its clean, compact design. Its new SPECTRO ICP Analyzer Pro operating software streamlines workflows. A modular plug-in architecture allows for individual customization. Processing speeds are ultrafast, even with large amounts of data. The analysis process is fully transparent and traceable with version and user management, plus excellent audit trail functionalities.

    AMECARE services help ensure uninterrupted performance and maximum ROI life with options such as machine-to-machine (M2M) support, including proactive alerts and an on-request PC connection with a remote SPECTRO service expert.

    All versions of the SPECTROGREEN analyzer, including the new SPECTROGREEN TI, are available immediately from SPECTRO Analytical Instruments. For more information, visit or email


    The SPECTROGREEN Dual Side-On Interface (DSOI) ICP OES offers twice the sensitivity of traditional radial view instruments with its unique design....

  • The new SPECTROGREEN inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES)
    analyzer introduces a real performance breakthrough. Its unique radial dual side-on interface (DSOI) technology represents a brand-new approach to
    the critical question of plasma view design. It provides twice the sensitivity of conventional radialplasma-
    view instruments. And it equals the sensitivity of newer vertical-torch dual-view systems –
    while avoiding their complexity and headaches. 
    Its design also builds on more than 30 years of acknowledged innovation and unsurpassed support
    from SPECTRO – one of the world’s leading suppliers of analytical instruments. Its exciting new DSOI capability gives the
    SPECTROGREEN analyzer significant advantages in determining trace element concentrations and handling samples with challenging matrices –
    including certain wastewaters, soils, and sludges, as well as petrochemical, chemical, high-salts, and metal samples. The SPECTROGREEN is air cooled and does not require an external water chiller along with a sealed optical system that eliminates the need to constantly purge with argon - reducing costs.

    The SPECTRO ARCOS MV offers true radial and true axial plasma view from one instrument with only 90 seconds required to change views....

  • The SPECTRO ARCOS revolutionizes spectrometer design with its optional new periscope-free
    MultiView mechanism. This lets an operator literally “turn” a radial-view instrument into an axial-view device, or vice-versa, in 90 seconds or less!
    Consider a user utilizing a MultiView-equipped SPECTRO ARCOS in radial-view mode to analyze major concentrations, who now needs axial view to analyze sub-ppm trace elements in metal matrices. With the few simple steps shown below, the user can access dedicated plasma view performance
    — without compromises. Simply remove radial torch and interface, rotate the load coil into desired horizontal orientation and you are ready to analyze in axial mode. The SPECTRO ARCOS provides exceptionally high continuous optical resolution over the widest spectral range. This enables easy separation of
    neighboring lines in line-rich spectra, minimizes spectral interferences, simplifies method development, and improves accuracy. In addition, via direct light paths and other advantages, the system offers the best sensitivity in its class, especially in the VUV/UV range and no need for an external water chiller - the unit is air cooled.

    The SPECTRO XEPOS is a high performance benchtop ED-XRF spectrometer...

  • The new SPECTRO XEPOS spectrometer represents a quantum leap in energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence technology, providing breakthrough advances in multi-elemental analysis of major, minor, and trace element concentrations. New developments in excitation and detection deliver outstanding sensitivity and detection limits — yielding remarkable gains in precision and accuracy. The amazing SPECTRO XEPOS excels at critical tasks from rapid screening analysis to precise product quality control. Apply it for at-line processing in a variety of applications, such as petrochemicals, chemicals, environmental and geological samples, clinker/cement/slag, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, and more. Different versions maximize performance for selected element groups intargeted matrices. An innovative 50 W / 60 kV X-ray tube and unique new adaptive excitation technology furnish the highest possible sensitivity, optimized to target elementsof choice. Redesigned operating software provides proven ease and power, while unique new TurboQuant II software quickly and accurately analyzes practically any unknown liquid, powder, or solid sample.
  • SPECTRO CUBE ED-XRF Spectrometer
    The SPECTROCUBE is a high performance benchtop ED-XRF Spectrometer...

  • The compact new SPECTROCUBE small-spot spectrometer incorporates the latest developments in ED-XRF detector technology, including high resolution and high count rate. Along with its ease, speed, and affordability, these innovations help make it the ideal benchtop solution for high-volume analysis for a wide varietu of markets and applications. With the latest high-resolution silicon drift detector (SDD) and an ultra-high count rate, SPECTROCUBE handles trace elements with ease. At the same measurement time as previous-generation models, SPECTROCUBE delivers up to 3x higher intensities, for significantly improved precision. (Alternatively, users who prioritize speed can perform an accurate analysis within only 15 seconds.) Intuitive software presents relevant information on a single screen. SPECTROCUBE enables a fast, smooth workflow even for minimally trained users. Analyze each sample in three easy steps: 1) Center the sample over the measurement window on the cabinet floor. 2) Close the lid. 3) Click the PC screen “start” button. Display, print-out, and transfer of analysis results all support later data use and proof of compliance.
  • SPECTROSCOUT ED-XRD Portable, Lab and At-Line Unit
    SPECTROSCOUT Portable ED-XRF Analyzer for Lab, Field or At-Line Analysis...

  • The SPECTROSCOUT ED-XRF analyzers deliver much of the analytical power of top-grade laboratory benchtop analyzers. They provide fast, dependable, truly lab-quality results in the field or on the production floor – all at a surprisingly low cost. They provide exceptional performance, at wide concentration levels, for all of the relevant elements in the range of Na-U. SPECTROSCOUT impresses with unprecedented precision and speed making it the ideal portable XRF for onsite applications where results matter. SPECTROSCOUT is available in two models that are adept at a wide range of elemental testing requirements that includes precious metals, jewelry, food, feedstock, environmental, geochemical, metal coatings, chemicals, cosmetics and many more. For a broad range of applications, SPECTROSCOUT offers an outstanding performance – close to the analytical power of top-grade laboratory analyzers. Its light weight and small size make SPECTROSCOUT the ideal portable solution for elemental analysis in the field or on the production floor.
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