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FLOM Corporation  

We are a part developer of liquid controlling devices such as pump, valve and degassing unit. A new concept pump allows liquid to be sent to multiple flow paths by providing a single pump with six flow paths. Please visit us to see more infromation and products!


Introduction of UI-22 Intelligent pump


  • UI-22 Intelligent Pump
    If you are looking for stable continuous liquid flow, UI-22 would be a candidate. Self-learning function of pressure optimization does not only provide stable flow, but the pump also help easy operation for common troubles. Please watch video!...

  • UI-22 Intelligent pump provides high-perfromance low-pulsation flow with ease of use!

    Selectable flow mode:
     1. Performance Mode
     2. Easy Mode
     3. Mixing Mode
     Depending on the circumstances, the flow mode can be selected to provide the optimum delivery conditions for your needs.
     Performance Mode enables continuous low-pulsation by the self-learning function with monitoring trend of tiny pressure fluctuation.
     In conditions where a small amount of bubbles is generated, by selecting a Easy Mode, bubbles are automatically detected and compressed to prevent pressure drops at the discharge side.
    In addition, when 2 or more pumps are used and connected at the discharge end, selecting Mixing Mode enables stable delivery of low-pulsation flow even at high flow rates.

    Selectable liquid contact material:
     1. Stainless Steel
     2. Carbon Reinforced PEEK
     3. Teflon
    Besides Stainless Steel and PEEK specifications, which are commonly used in HPLC and Ion Chromatography, there is Teflon specification that allow the delivery of hazardous liquids such as strong acids.
    There is a growing need for Teflon specifications, primarily in the pharmaceutical field.
    Select the wetted material according to the type of solvent used.


    About Linear-drive mechanism:
    UI-22 pumps have developed and adopted our original Linear-drive mechanism.
    The plunger operates horizontally and reduces the load on the mechanism, resulting in a design with fewer failures.
    It also has a strong suction discharge capacity by independently controlling the two pump units.
    Thus, even when a high viscosity solvent is fed or bubbles are mixed into the pump head, a stable liquid delivery is achieved.


    If you have question, please feel free to contact us at

  • DP-11 Switching Delivery Pump
    A new concept pump allows liquid to be sent to multiple flow paths by providing a single pump with six flow paths. No check valve applied. Ceramic & Teflon materials achieve high chemical resistance....

  • Multiple pumps can be combined into a single unit, or components other than the pump can be omitted depending on ideas.

    Liquid delivery mode:
     1. Metered-dosing delivery mode
     2. Continuous liquid feed mode
     In the Metered-dosing mode, the flow path to be delivered is selected, and the delivery is performed until the flow reaches the pre-set flow rate.
     In the Continuous liquid feed mode, the continuous liquid feed is performed at the set flow rate (mL/min).
     With using external communication function, programming can be done arbitrarily.

    Chemical resistance :
     Fluoropolymer PCTFE is used for the pump head, and Ceramic is used for the plunger. They are also suitable for delivering dangerous liquids such as strong acids.

     Six flow paths can be freely selected by adding rotation direction control to the ceramic plunger which operates horizontally.
     The superior reproducibility of the flow rate makes it ideal not only for analytical applications but also for dispensing liquids requiring precision.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

  • AG-4 BG-4 Degassing units
    If you are looking for on-line degassing unit, new AG-4 and BG-4 degassing units provide easy operation with high-efficient degassing performance....

  • Introducing new online space-saving degassing units!

     1. Adopted Teflon AF degassing membrane.
     2. Selectable from 2-channel or 4-channel
     3. Selectable degassing tubing volumes (AG-4: 340μL, BG-4: 510μL, 1020μL per channel)
     4. Vacuum level is automatically adjusted to 100hPa regardless of solvent type.
     5. Visible status representation by Organic EL Display (BG-4)

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact info@flom.cojp.

  • VA-21 Auto Valve Unit
    A new auto valve is released with a variety of valve heads. Compact design allows to fit inot limited space between equipment....

  • This is an automatic valve unit with a valve head that meets a variety of needs.

     1. 2 position or rotary switching
     2. Long-life valves are designed in Stainless Steel and PEEK specifications (Selectable from 22 valves)
     3. Compact design

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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