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LIMS Wizards  

Newark,  DE 
United States
  • Booth: 1124

LIMS Wizards, LLC, a global scientific software solutions provider developing intuitive software products to fulfill unmet needs at the interface of the lab and the rest of the organization. 

Their products are complementary to laboratory information management systems (LIMS) to encourage organizational digital transformation and improve scientific data integrity, visualization, and analytics. These solutions are designed for a simple implementation so those who use scientific data can be guided to wise business decisions. 

Their flagship product, SampleVision™, is an easy-to-use customer portal that interfaces remote sites to central labs to automate sample requests and results retrieval through a cloud-based portal that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device. The intuitive, purpose-built SampleVision software interfaces with top-tier LIMS products to provide timely results and intuitive reporting. 

SampleVision v2.0 provides a mobile-based application designed to allow customers to connect Android or iOS Apple device to submit analysis requests and retrieve results while on-the-go.

Visit: limswizards.com/SampleVision


SampleVision Demo

 Press Releases

  • NEWARK, Delaware –LIMS Wizards, LLC, a global scientific software solutions provider, is pleased to announce that version 2.0 of SampleVision™ is now available. A customer portal that easily allows sites to request analyses and retrieve results, SampleVision has new features that enhance efficiency when submitting samples to the laboratory and reviewing results. The most significant change is the addition of mobile apps for Android and Apple iOS. 

    Working remotely has become standard in the way many organizations now operate. But long before the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for remote access to labs and documentation was always in high demand.

    With SampleVision 2.0, field representatives no longer have to wait until they get back to the office to input samples for testing and requestors can access results from the palms of their hands, at any hour, from any location. Imagine how much time will be saved by letting the lab know what samples are coming their way, as they are collected. And no more waiting until you get to work the next day, to see if the analysis reports are ready. The mobile app provides access, on demand, whenever or wherever the user wants.

    Other improvements to SampleVision 2.0 are the ability to email reports and to preconfigure default text to speed up the sample input process on the mobile app.

    The SampleVision™ mobile app runs on Apple iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. The desktop version of SampleVision is currently available with English, Spanish, and French language capabilities and is supported on Chrome and Firefox for Windows and Android, and on Safari for Apple iOS devices.

    Learn more about SampleVision and the mobile app by watching the demo video.

  • LIMS are powerful, but often complex tools. These big software packages, designed to assist labs in their sample processing and data handling capabilities, can’t meet every need, and a growing field of companies has sprung up to offer labs supplementary tools to make their LIMS run faster and fit more snugly to their business model.

    LIMS Wizards, a subsidiary of CSols, Inc., create LIMS support products. Their first release, SampleVision™, is aimed at helping fix an important gap in leading LIMS. Technology Networks spoke to Robert Jackson, Director of Delivery at LIMS Wizards, to find out more.

    Ruairi Mackenzie (RM): Could you tell us a bit more about SampleVision?

    Robert Jackson (RJ):  Over our years of working with laboratory informatics systems, we have seen many cases where people send samples into a laboratory for analytical work and to get results back. It all works well when you have LIMS clients wherever you’re working, and you can log it straight into the LIMS. But often people are out at sites that don’t have LIMS access. Maybe they don’t work for the company, so they’re not given a laptop with a LIMS connection or maybe they’re out in the field collecting samples, or they are a researcher who has only an occasional need to send a sample in. The previous way of solving this would be through paperwork. You’d put the paperwork in a box with your samples and ship it over to the lab, where it would be logged in. There’s plenty of opportunity for data entry errors or problems with labeling.

    SampleVision is a portal that is LIMS independent. It runs on web servers with a browser front end. The crux of it is, a sample can be submitted in SampleVision, which is then interfaced with the LIMS system. We support the four big LIMS products, so we have an interface for SampleManager LIMS™ (ThermoFisher Scientific), as well as LabWare LIMS, STARLIMS (Abbott Informatics), and LabVantage LIMS.

    You can also print out your sample labels in SampleVision. You can stick them on your sample containers and have another label for the whole request. It arrives at the central lab already logged into the LIMS, so they can just scan the labels on the samples to receive them into the lab. The lab does its usual analytical work and when they’ve produced their results, SampleVision can request the results through the LIMS.

    SampleVision simplifies the interface between an external sample testing requester and a central lab. We’ve worked with a number of organizations where something like that would have been useful to have.

    RM: Could you go into more detail about the challenges your users most commonly report when they’re working with LIMS and how they were addressed in the design of SampleVision?

    One common pain point is inaccurate requests – either the wrong analysis request or the wrong sample information, which then means the lab has to call the requester. Everybody in this situation is frustrated, and it wastes time.

    The complication of using a LIMS is another pain point. You need training, you need a license. You don’t want to do any of that for an occasional sample. That’s where something like a portal approach can help. Really, it’s less paper, more automation and a simplification of the overall process.

    RM: What challenges did you and your team face in getting these different LIMS to all work with the same portal?

    That was quite tricky at times. All four of these LIMS have a web interface-type API available. We often find that these web interfaces are not well documented by the vendors. There’s a lot of delving into technical documentation to work out what the heck they’re doing. Quite often we’ve found that we were the first people to try and do this kind of thing with some of these LIMS. It’s technically challenging to get it to work reliably.

    That’s why we are happy to have benefited from the overall CSols, Inc. organization, which has a lot of experience with all those LIMS products. We were able to tap into some expertise in-house with folks who have been working day-to-day on all these products. I guess the challenge was that they’re all different, everybody’s doing their own thing.

    RM: If the LIMS vendors develop their own portals, would SampleVision become redundant? How do you stay agile in the LIMS field?

    These LIMS vendors are working on portals and we have a few competitors in this field. What we try to be—and the same goes for CSols, Inc.—is not tied into any one particular vendor; hence, we have various partnerships with a number of them but we’re not resellers and we don’t have any close commercial ties. In organizations with multiple LIMS solutions, which is often the case for major corporations, SampleVision can talk to multiple LIMS simultaneously, so you’re not tied or locked into any one LIMS product. We see an agile approach as being very important.

    We have to keep moving quickly, see a niche and fill it. If it is that obvious, then somebody else is going to jump in there as well. We’re going to try and move faster than the vendors who have larger systems and who maybe come out with a major release every year for their LIMS. We’re trying to move a lot quicker than that and lead the way.

    Robert Jackson was speaking to Ruairi J Mackenzie, Senior Science Writer for Technology Networks.

  • NEWARK, Delaware –LIMS Wizards, LLC, a global scientific software solutions provider, is introducing version 2.1 of SampleVision. New User and Administrator configuration tools allow any non-GxP laboratory customer or user to securely submit analysis requests, receive automatic notifications when results are ready, and download results to their favorite device. Version 2.1 adds support for all the major LIMS solutions that handle 80% of the global LIMS market without customization or additional LIMS licenses.

    These new features in SampleVision 2.1 allow LIMS Wizards’ customers to maximize their LIMS investment by engaging a much larger user base, both inside and outside of the lab organization. Users now have the ability to submit any kind of request, sample, or test—including routine tests that are run repeatedly—for any industry or lab type. The iOS and Android apps have been enhanced to enable drilldown capability on the dashboard and to receive automated notifications at lab-configured frequencies when the results are ready for viewing.

    Additionally, SampleVision 2.1 integrates the voice control in your iOS or Android device to enable hands-free searching of results and for populating description fields.

    These new features broaden the field of potential users of SampleVision 2.1 to anyone in a non-GxP setting. All of the previous features of SampleVision have been retained, such as the ability to email reports and for user-configured defaults to speed up the sample input process on the mobile app.

    The SampleVision™ mobile app runs on Apple iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. SampleVision is currently available with English, Spanish, and French language capabilities and is supported on Chrome and Firefox for Windows and Android, and on Safari for Apple iOS devices.

    Learn more about SampleVision by watching the video.


  • SampleVision™
    SampleVision™ is an easy-to-use portal that interfaces remote sites to central labs to automate the process for testing samples and retrieving the results....

  • The informatics experts at LIMS Wizards discovered a gap in the sample testing process between remote locations and centralized labs: a) Organizations that leverage centralized testing laboratories require timely analysis and b) the centralized testing labs that receive the sample requests require the forms to be legible and complete, as well as require a more efficient way to communicate results.

    SampleVision™ was created to provide a seamless way to meet the needs of both the central lab and the remote sites.

    Whether in an office or out in the field, samples can be uploaded via desktop or mobile app with a barcode to facilitate shipping. The central lab receives the sample, performs the testing in their LIMS, and SampleVision reports the latest results from the LIMS.

    There's no waiting around for an email or phone call. Pop into SampleVision at any time to check the status of your request by using the dashboards. 

    As the samples move through the process of testing in the LIMS, the dashboards are updated in SampleVision™ through the bi-directional interface. On-demand reporting of results is available, with five different layouts, including results and specifications, combined with laboratory-linked request summary PDF documents.

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