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PA Farm Link is dedicated to Linking Farmers to the Future.


PA Farm Link provides information regarding transitioning your farm to the next generation. We provide workshops, educational resources & technical assistance to help make your transistion a smooth & pleasant experience.

PA Farm Link also manages an online database of farmland available throughout PA. Search online 24/7 to find farmland available in your area or a farmer to become a steward of your acreage. Your farming opportunity can be added to the database for a one-time fee of $100. For more information email or call 717-705-2121.


Online Land-Linking Database by PA Farm Link

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    Now more than ever, consumers and others are realizing the importance of agriculture and a consistent food supply in their communities. PA Farm Link team members continue to work remotely to serve the agricultural community.

    Here's how PA Farm Link can help your farm business...

    • Are you seeking a way to transition your farm to the next generation?
      • Resources available regarding transitioning the farm to the next generation, whether within the family or outside the family.
      • PFL maintains a network of Certified Farm Transition Coordinators to work with farmers across Pennsylvania to transition their farms to the next generation.
      • Aging Safely publication developed to assist farm families with resources required to help aging family members on the farm.
    • Are you interested in starting a farm or increasing the size of your farm operation through leasing or purchasing land? PFL's Online Land-Linking Database may be able to help!
      • PFL maintains an online land-linking database matching landowners with prospective beginning farmers.
      • Listings are available for landowners seeking farmers as well as farmers seeking land.
      • Database is maintained online, therefore, available 24/7 to search.
      • Listings are kept confidential until potential matches are made--thus protecting the privacy of database members.
      • With a one-time fee of $100, your listing stays acive until you find a match. Compared to one week or one month advertising fees elsewhere, this is considerably more affordable.
      • New database members are highlighted via:
        • PFL's Facebook page
        • E-newsletter
        • Email
        • Promotional handouts distributed at agricultural events throughout PA
    • Are you a beginning farmer not sure how to get started in your farming career?
      • PA Farm Link has resources available to assist you with what steps to take to get started.
      • Online database of land available to lease/purchase.
    • Print and online resources available including Farm Succession checklist, Planning the Future of Your Farm, Code Red Emergency Farm Information, Drafting Agricultural Leases, Farmer and Landowner Resources, Farm Family Communications and others.

    PA Farm Link is a 501c3 non-profit that works closely with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and other agricultural organizations to support PA farmers. For more information on how PA Farm Link can help you with your Farm Business, visit, email or call 717-705-2121.


  • Services and Resources Available from PA Farm Link
    "Planning the Future of Your Farm", a workbook to guide farm families through the transition process.
    "Drafting Agricultural Leases & Other Considerations" includes pertinent information to create a legal agreement when leasing farmland....

  • PA Farm Link is a non-profit dedicated to "linking farmers to the future". 

    "Planning the Future of Your Farm" is a workbook that assists farm families with the process of transitioning the farm operation from one generation to another. Certified Transition Specialists are available to work with farm families when transitioning.

    "Drafting Agricultural Leases and Other Considerations" contains pertinent information to assist farmers with creating a legal document when leasing farmland to protect the investments you put into land that is owned by another landowner. 

     Educational resources can be found online at under the "Resource Central" tab. You can email or call 717-705-2121 for more information.

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