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Cover more ground with Fleet Complete – the fastest-growing telematics provider in the world. Our connected platform provides fleet-owning businesses around the world with smart technologies that help solve their unique problems every day. Whether it’s vehicles, mobile workers, cargo, stationary assets, or all the above, we help you connect to it all.

Always be ELD compliant with our award-winning BigRoad solution that includes a personalized load-matching platform for owner-operators and fleets.

Boost your operational performance with our selection of GPS tracking and management solutions to drive more business; improve dispatch, increase fleet and driver safety, connect to your mobile staff online, and provide better customer service to your client base.


FC Vision
Marc's Safety Corner Ride-A-Long: How To Reduce The Risk For Truck

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  • The Ultimate Bundle with BigRoad

    Track vehicle location. Manage engine health. Automate driver coaching. Monitor ELD and DVIR compliance.

    All from one platform.

    • AT&T Fleet Tracker MGS800 with ECM on LTE network
    • Vision by Fleet Complete
    • BigRoad ELD app
    • Inspect by Fleet Complete (DVIR app)

    Additional terms, taxes and fees may apply.

 Press Releases

  • Fleet Complete and Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan.

    TORONTO (March 1, 2019) — Fleet Complete®, one of the fastest growing tech companies in the connected vehicle space, has finalized its previously announced investment partnership agreement with Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (“Ontario Teachers'”).

    In November 2018, Ontario Teachers’, Canada’s largest single- profession pension plan, agreed to acquire equity in Fleet Complete from existing investors, including funds managed by Madison Dearborn Partners (“MDP”), a leading private equity firm based in Chicago. With the support of Ontario Teachers’ and ongoing partnership with MDP,
    Fleet Complete’s management team will continue to execute on the
    company’s global growth ambitions. MDP remains a significant investor in Fleet Complete.

    Established in the technology industry for twenty years, Fleet Complete has one of the leading and most comprehensive connected vehicle platforms globally, helping small to medium-sized businesses and large enterprises improve their daily operations. Serving approximately 500,000 subscribers around the world, Fleet Complete harnesses state-of-the-art technology and partnerships with leading global OEMs to provide some of the most innovative solutions for clients.

    Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

    Lazard and Barclays acted as financial advisors to Fleet Complete. Kirkland & Ellis LLP and Dentons Canada LLP served as legal counsel to Fleet Complete and MDP. Torys LLP served as legal counsel to Ontario Teachers’.

    About Fleet Complete

    Fleet Complete® is a leading global provider of connected vehicle technology, delivering mission-critical fleet, asset and mobile workforce management solutions. The company is servicing 500,000 subscribers and over 30,000 businesses in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. It maintains omni-channel and distribution partnerships with AT&T in the U.S., TELUS in Canada, Telstra in Australia, and Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) in multiple European countries. Many of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers and tier-one suppliers, such as General Motors, Mitsubishi and Phillips Industries leverage Fleet Complete’s connected vehicle platform, CONNVEX, to bring commercial-grade telematics solutions to their customers. It remains one of the fastest-growing companies globally, having won numerous awards for innovation and growth. For more information, please visit fleetcomplete.com

    About Ontario Teachers’

    The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (“Ontario Teachers'”) is Canada’s largest single-profession pension plan, with $193.9 billion in net assets at June 30, 2018. It holds a diverse global portfolio of assets, approximately 80% of which is managed in-house, and has earned an average annualized rate of return of 9.9% since the plan’s founding in 1990. Ontario Teachers’ is an independent organization headquartered in Toronto. Its Asia-Pacific region office is located in Hong Kong and its Europe, Middle East & Africa region office is in London. The defined- benefit plan, which is fully funded, invests and administers the pensions of the province of Ontario’s 323,000 active and retired teachers. For more information, visit otpp.com and follow us on Twitter @OtppInfo.

    About Madison Dearborn Partners

    Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC (“MDP”), based in Chicago, is a leading private equity investment firm in the United States. Since MDP’s formation in 1992, the firm has raised seven funds with aggregate capital of approximately $23 billion and has completed over 140 investments. MDP is currently investing out of its most recent fund,
    $4.4 billion MDCP Fund VII, in businesses across a broad spectrum of industries, including businesses and government software and services; financial and transaction services; basic industries; health care; and telecom, media and technology services. For more information, please visit mdcp.com.

    For more information, contact:
    For Fleet Complete:
    David Prusinski, EVP Sales & Marketing

    For MDP:
    Abernathy MacGregor
    Chuck Dohrenwend, Kate Murray or Melissa Gansler

  • Fleet Complete is sponsoring Dr. Georgios-Ioannis Tsianos in his Mt Everest climbing expedition this spring and will be tracking his ascent from day one through a dedicated telematics platform in 3D.

    Georgios Tsianos Public Speaking.

    Georgios Tsianos at a public speaking event.

    (Toronto, April 2, 2019) – Certified in Expedition and Travel Medicine, Dr. Georgios-Ioannis Tsianos has been involved in ultra-sporting challenges for more than a decade, continuously defying the boundaries of human limits. This spring, Tsianos will be attempting his second Everest summit since 2004, working together with Fleet Complete to track and map out his ascent through a connected digital platform.

    With the sponsorship, Fleet Complete will be providing GPS trackers and access to their telematics platform to track Tsianos’ ascent of Mt Everest from day one in 3D. The summit data will include GPS location, altitude and speed, which will be of particular significance in the last 10 days of the climb to the mountain summit.

    “Teaming up with Fleet Complete during my expedition to Mt Everest will undoubtedly explore what is possible in tracking human activity, even on earth’s most extreme and remote environments. A company with a vision for success and, above all, safety, their technology will provide the reassurance that I need when it matters the most,” says Georgios Tsianos.

    “We are extremely proud to sponsor Georgios. He is a true pioneer in championing extreme environmental conditions – climbing Mount Everest, swimming the English Channel, and completing the Sahara Desert marathon,” says Tony Lourakis, founder and CEO of Fleet Complete. “We at Fleet Complete are strong supporters of innovators, of those who push the boundaries of what is possible, and those who are determined to make their goal a reality. Our goal is to connect everything, everywhere, even if it’s Mount Everest.”

    Prior to his summit attempt, Tsianos’ mountaineering expedition will also include the role of a high altitude medic to oversee the ‘LMAX Everest Rugby Challenge’ at 6,400 meters on the north side of Mt Everest. He will be collaborating with Dr. Andreas Flouris from FAME Lab in Greece as researcher of human physiology in extreme environmental conditions. The scientific data from Mt Everest will be among the first of its kind to be collected under the conditions of severe lack of oxygen and extreme cold.

    Media Contact:

    David Prusinski
    EVP, Sales and Marketing, Fleet Complete

    About Georgios-Ioannis Tsianos
    Dr. Georgios-Ioannis Tsianos, born in Athens, Greece, is currently based in the United Kingdom and has a series of roles in medicine and science. He received his Bachelor’s degree from University of California, a Masters degree from King’s College London, a Doctorate from University of Glasgow and a Medical degree from University of Ioannina, Greece. Tsianos is a qualified General Practitioner and works as a freelance doctor covering a wide spectrum of medical services. Concomitantly, he delivers professional talks and offers private advisory and consulting services in the medical, entrepreneurial, scientific, educational, business and sporting sectors.

    For more information, please visit www.gi-tsianos.com.
    Follow Georgios on Instagram

  • Following the immense success of its pioneering load-matching platform for owner-operators needing to account for Hours of Service, BigRoad Freight extends its services to fleet-wide dispatch. Dispatchers will now be able to search shipments and allocate them to the drivers in their fleet with fast payment solutions.

    BigRoad Freight is about to get a lot bigger.

    Dispatchers will now be able to search shipments and allocate them to the drivers in their fleet with fast payment solutions.

    (Toronto/ Waterloo, April 23, 2019) – BigRoad Freight was first in the industry to incorporate personalized hours-of-service metrics to match loads for owner-operators. To date, BigRoad Freight’s pioneering platform has helped long-haul drivers complete thousands of shipments worth millions of dollars, continuing to onboard hundreds of additional shippers on a monthly basis.

    This April, BigRoad Freight is about to get a lot bigger. The telematics-powered and AI-based service of BigRoad is expanding its immensely successful initial program for owner-operators to fleets, enabling dispatchers to better manage load assignments and avoid dead-head miles.

    “We experienced tremendous uptake of BigRoad Freight with owner-operators, and now we are scaling this innovative service to fleets,” noted Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete, the owner of BigRoad.

    BigRoad Freight uses AI-based algorithms to match the right shipment with the right driver at the right time. Armed with data on driver preferences, hours of service (HOS), equipment type, and a multitude of other telematics-based data points, BigRoad Freight sends personalized notifications to owner-operators that list curated load opportunities to help reduce empty miles driven and generate additional revenue. The initial niche focus helped BigRoad fine-tune and perfect their platform that is now being extended to fleets.

    “The app kept finding me better freight than I could find myself – it made a huge difference,” said Ken Liburd, one of the drivers, using the service.

    “I didn’t think it was possible, but I’ve been able to cut my deadhead. They’re matching me to good-paying loads closer to my drops. I’m impressed,” comments Rod S., owner-operator.

    “Their customer service is great. The team really listens and takes the time to help me find the loads I want,” George M., owner-operator.

    BigRoad Freight application synchronizes with the BigRoad ELD data and enables users to search shipments, post their trucks, and view a curated list of loads. This capability will now be available to dispatchers, helping find shipments fast and allocate loads to the drivers in their fleet. Pricing information will be visible to dispatchers in fleet mode.

    Grant Cleland, Director of Sales at Fleet Complete, explained further: “We’re now analyzing shipment opportunities and optimizing them on a fleet basis, not just a driver basis. We’re sending loads en masse and working to become a better technology partner in all aspects of our customers’ businesses. This puts more opportunities in the hands of our customers, as well as a more effective tool to capitalize on these opportunities.”

    BigRoad will continue to offer additional services, now providing more than 30,000 shipments every day, and offering inexpensive, rapid payment solutions that ensure carriers never deal with the hassle of collections.

    About BigRoad Freight
    BigRoad Freight is an in-app platform that enables users to book loads in real-time, with quick payments, and providing hours-of-service (HOS) visibility. BigRoad Freight works within the BigRoad Mobile App, the #1 electronic logbook application available for Apple and Android devices, and can be paired with BigRoad’s DashLink to achieve electronic logging device (ELD) mandate compliance.

    About BigRoad
    BigRoad (A Fleet Complete Company) is the leading provider of hours-of-service (HOS) and electronic logging device (ELD) compliance solutions for the North American transportation industry. BigRoad’s solutions include the BigRoad Mobile App electronic logbook, the BigRoad Web App fleet management tool, and the DashLink ELD. Over 100,000 drivers and 30,000 fleets trust BigRoad’s solutions to simplify day-to-day activities, create operational efficiency, and improve profitability. BigRoad received awards for innovation and growth, including the 2017 North American Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Solution Customer Value Leadership Award from Frost and Sullivan.

    Media Contact
    David Prusinski
    Executive VP, Sales & Marketing
    BigRoad, A Fleet Complete Company

  • A groundbreaking month for BigRoad, as it introduces first Pay-As-You-Drive ELD solution to the market. On the heels of the recent launch of Fleet Mode within the industry’s first load-matching platform that accounts for Hours of Service (BigRoad Freight), BigRoad now offers no contract, pay-per-use solution to drivers who require ELD on an occasional basis.

    (Toronto/Waterloo, May 22, 2019) – BigRoad launches industry’s first Pay-As-You-Drive ELD solution, aimed at drivers with an irregular need for electronic logging compliance. Those who subscribe to the service today will benefit from zero contract and cancellation fees and will receive complementary DashLink hardware.

    “This is a big moment for BigRoad as a champion of drivers’ needs in the long-haul industry,” says Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete and BigRoad. “We have clients, whose business is seasonal or that requires ELD compliance on occasion, but who have to subscribe to full service, which they don’t use all the time. With Pay-As-You-Drive, these drivers will have an easier path to compliance without the financial strain. BigRoad was born in response to the ELD mandate, with owner-operators’ interests at heart, and we are driven by one corporate value – to help drivers and fleets thrive by removing roadblocks and advancing the driver’s safety and quality of life. Our Pay-As-You-Drive offer will revolutionize the industry as we know it.”

    The new solution has no contract obligation, no upfront hardware costs, no cancellation fees and comes with a complementary electronic logging device and a load-matching platform to help reduce dead-head miles.

    BigRoad is the original ELD provider that has had an immense success with truck drivers before the mandate came into effect and remains the preferred choice after the fact. Responding to what owner-operators need, BigRoad has continuously pushed the envelope with innovative solution offerings that help address the challenges within the trucking industry, enabling owner-operators to improve profitability while maintaining compliance.  

    About BigRoad

    BigRoad (A Fleet Complete Company) is the leading provider of hours-of-service (HOS) and electronic logging device (ELD) compliance solutions for the North American transportation industry. BigRoad’s solutions include the BigRoad Mobile App electronic logbook, the BigRoad Web App fleet management tool, and the DashLink ELD. Over 100,000 drivers and 30,000 fleets trust BigRoad’s solutions to simplify day-to-day activities, create operational efficiency, and improve profitability. BigRoad received awards for innovation and growth, including the 2017 North American Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Solution Customer Value Leadership Award from Frost and Sullivan. For more information, please visit bigroad.com

    Media Contact
    David Prusinski
    Executive VP, Sales & Marketing
    BigRoad, A Fleet Complete Company


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    NO contracts, NO upfront costs, NO cancellation fees


    Improve the safety and productivity of your fleet, create more business opportunities, and provide better customer service to your clients....


    • LOCATION TRACKING: Our advanced fleet tracking platform will give you the visibility you need. See where all of your vehicles are at this moment and send the closest and most qualified driver to the job.

    • DRIVER & VEHICLE SAFETY: Get instant fault alerts and set up regular maintenance to keep your vehicles in top shape. Encourage good driving behavior with driver scorecards and help avoid collisions, vehicle damage, and fuel waste.

    • BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE: A reliable fleet is your best business card. Respond to your customer needs faster, provide ETAs and proof of delivery with time and location stamps. Give your business the competitive advantage it deserves!

    • NEVER MISS ASSETS: Use zoning and geofencing tools to ensure your assets are within a designated area. Avoid unauthorized use and prevent theft with GPS alerts.

    • REPORT ON FLEET PROGRESS: Track your asset activity and productivity levels to ensure it’s being used to its full potential. This will help you establish efficiencies across the board.

    • BETTER VEHICLE UTILIZATION: Get reports on all aspects of your fleet operations. Review important trends across your fleet, departments or mobile crew and improve your budgets and project planning.

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    Organize your field staff and allocate jobs with ease....


    Do you need an uncomplicated app for tracking simple tasks and activities? This mobile app is an easy, light-duty resource and team management solution that brings some simple tasks-assigning and tracking ability. Ideal for those who want to go paperless, have an easy time-tracking tool and minimize the call-ins.

    • SEE WORKER AVAILABILITY: With our GPS-powered mobile app, you will be able to track the real-time location of your entire field staff, view their availability and work in progress to allocate other tasks accordingly.

    • ASSIGN SIMPLE TASKS IN SECONDS: The app is cloud-based and you can send activities to your field workers, seeing their current location and workload straight from your smartphone.

    • MINIMIZE PHONE TRAFFIC: Take away that one administrative steps from your field service management! Your mobile crew can self-assign activities while onsite, without the need to call in to make an official request.

    • TIME MANAGEMENT: The Task Tracker app contains a set of easy tools to help your mobile team stay organized throughout the day, manage their workload more effectively, and keep you informed in real-time on their location and availability.

    • TIME CARDS: Your crew has the ability to clock in, indicate break time, and clock out straight in the app. This helps you know staff availability and allows for more accurate payroll administration.

    • MANAGE PROJECTS BETTER: Easily navigate between Pending, In Progress, and Done jobs on your smartphone. This will help you better manage project timelines, budgeting, and expectations.

    • KNOW WHEN A TASK IS REJECTED: Rejected tasks are flagged with an alert, so that you or your dispatcher can transfer them to another person without delay.

    • MANAGE CHANGING PRIORITIES: With a helicopter view on all assigned tasks, you can adapt to fluctuating agendas and make on-demand decisions by connecting with resources immediately.

    • SUPPORTED DEVICES: The Task Tracker app is available in iTunes and GooglePlay, and runs on both Android and Apple devices.

    Want to learn more? Click here

    Ensure your onsite heavy-duty equipment is well monitored and is always where it needs to be. Our robust asset tracking solution provides real-time status and movement updates and helps protect the integrity of your stored contents....


    If something goes missing, you’ll know about it. The sensor technology monitors your high-value assets around-the-clock and alerts you to any unauthorized activity, like movement outside the perimeter or fuel theft.


    Make sure your assets are safe and ready to work! Get alerted to temperature spikes, doors being open or closed, disconnection from the power source or any other event that can compromise your equipment.


    Get notified when your equipment’s fuel level is below threshold. Let you crew know at the right moment and avoid manual checks that will cost you time and money.


    Depending on what your needs are, Asset Tracker is a versatile and configurable device. You can set its transmission modes to specific activity, movement or changes in sensor data values.


    With a built-in charger, the device recharges whenever it is connected to power, even in sub-zero temperatures. It automatically notifies you of the charging activity and battery status via alerts.


    Get reports on all aspects of your asset operations. Review important trends across the board and see how you can improve your asset utilization. You can also customize these reports to fit your needs.

    Small, compact and cost-effective, AT1 is suited for any industry, helping keep track of your equipment, machinery and tools....


    Tools and equipment come with a high price tag. Whether they are sensitive to  temperature, light or have a high chance of being misplaced, you can now ensure their optimal safekeeping.


    All you need is a smartphone! Quickly locate and check the current status of machinery, equipment, tools, trailers, and cargo from your mobile device and never lose sight of what is important.


    Equipped with GPS, humidity, temperature, light and impact sensors, AT1 gives you visibility you need without onsite supervision. Remove the guesswork and gain efficient operations.


    The AT1 device runs on LTE-M, the first network on a dedicated spectrum that is optimized for IoT devices. It provides better signal transmission, longer battery life and lower cost.


    AT1 is not just a tracker, it’s a complete business solution for any industry. It includes a device, cloud IT, applications, data security, connectivity and customer support.


    Running on the LTE-M network, the device receives automatic software updates over the air, ensuring your sensor systems are always in optimal operational status.

    Get insights into your trailers and containers carrying cargo with our BlackBerry Radar solution. Know current capacity inside trailers to book extra loads on the way and track environmental conditions, like temperature and pressure for sensitive cargo....


    BlackBerry Radar was designed to address the gaps in transportation and logistics management relating to cargo and trailer tracking. Now you are well equipped to grow your business and deliver the best customer service to your clients!


    Environmental data is collected every 5 minutes within the trailer for a reliable chain of custody. Based on this data, you can provide your customers with detailed reports, demonstrating the prescribed conditions under which their product has been delivered.


    BlackBerry Radar delivers accurate motion detection and mileage to support government initiatives, such as miles traveled taxes, road user charges, hours of service, and environmental regulations, such as carbon emissions.


    BlackBerry Radar serves as a one-stop shop platform, integrated with Fleet Complete, providing a monitoring device, cellular connectivity, web-based applications, unlimited access and cloud-based intelligence.


    The self-powered device requires no technical or computer expertise. It is easily installed with two screws, needing no wiring, and automatically receives all the necessary IT updates, improvements, and new features over the air.


    Designed specifically for trailer fleets, these powerful, interactive reports provide accurate, traceable data analysis and are instantly accessible from any web browser at any point in time.

    Keeping drivers and cargo safe, as well as reducing risks on the road, are a top priority for fleet owners. Vision equips your drivers with an event-triggered video recording and replay to help them self-manage poor driving habits....


    Keeping your drivers safe and reducing their risks on the road are top priority for fleet owners. Crashes, collisions, repairs and severe injuries can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars per incident.

    Yet you can’t be out there with them every day to make sure they are driving responsibly.

    Fleet Complete’s Vision dash cam and mobile app is your answer to the uncertainty. It will equip you and your drivers with a pair of eyes on the road to document what really happens, while helping coach drivers en route with an in-cab audio assistance.


    We provide solutions that are very easy to use. With Vision, all your driver needs to do is get in the car! The mounted dash camera will take care of the rest.

    Thanks to its sophisticated technology, it will automatically connect to the Vision app, sync the Driver ID with the vehicle, start and end trips on it own, and upload recorded videos to the app and the web platform.

    Easy does it!



    Vision incorporates ultra-sophisticated sensor technology and does not record all the time. It is triggered only by specific events that involve a rule violation, like keeping too close to the car in front or harsh breaking. This way, you don’t have to go through hours footage after!


    Those close calls can cost you. Help your drivers make better decisions on the road with ADAS. The Advanced Driver Assistance System alerts your drivers to posted speed violation, missing Stop signs, harsh braking or acceleration, tailgating, and lane departure.


    What if there is an accident, where your driver is not at fault, but cannot prove it? It’s all “he said, she said”. Video event capture in the Vision app provides a potential line of defence in a litigation and can help protect your drivers.


    Give your drivers all the tools in the toolbox to excel!  With real-time audio feedback and video replay, they can keep themselves in check and review each trip in the app to see improvements as they progress. More features, like Leaderboard and Score Cards, are coming very soon!


    Your clients look for a service that is safe and runs like a well-oiled machine. Vision will help your drivers become your best business card in customer relations, improving business credibility and ensuring fleet uptime.


    With Vision, you drivers can simply get into the car and drive! Our Vision dashcam will take care of the entire process. It automatically connects to the driver’s mobile device and starts/finishes the trip on its own. 


    The solution integrates seamlessly with the Fleet Complete platform as an add-on to your regular vehicle tracking. This will give your fleet managers a comprehensive view of all in-field operations, where they can detect and review events as they happened.

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    Our ELD solution is your driver’s safety and compliance manager that automates record-of-duty logbooks. It provides all of the necessary electronic logging requirements mandated by the FMCSA and is key to the safety of your drivers and others on the road....


    Powered by BigRoad, our Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is a robust and easy-to-use ELD compliance solution for engine-connected logs.



    BigRoad is the drivers’ champion! It was the winner of the 2017 North American Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Solutions Customer Value Leadership Award and continues to be a solution that drivers and fleets love.


    Our ELD BigRoad Mobile App is your driver’s safety and compliance manager. It automates the record of duty logbooks by tapping into vehicle’s ECM data to capture engine power, vehicle motion status, miles driven and engine hours, as required by the FMCSA.


    Roadside inspections can be time-consuming, delay loads, and impact time-sensitive cargo. With automated Hours of Service logs, you can present clean and accurate reports to the DOT Inspector and have access to all critical information at a touch of a screen.


    The logs are not set in stone and leave room for changes to accommodate unforeseeable events like bad weather conditions or traffic. Drivers can easily edit logs or violation warnings in the app with specific reason codes.


    Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) can be cumbersome, as they have to be done before, during and after the trip. Now, you can speed up the process by logging all minor and major defects straight within the app and easily notify managers of needed maintenance.


    There are times when you will be required to send your logbook report to the inspector or manager. Not a problem! You can easily share logs between the BigRoad mobile app and other apps on your smartphone or tablet, such as email, printer, or Dropbox.


    The app is configured to alert the drivers of upcoming violations so that they can take appropriate action when needed.


    The ELD is meant to prevent on-road fatigue that comes from driving long hours without breaks, ultimately increasing the safety of your drivers and that of others on the road.


    Avoid hefty FMCSA fines and penalties. Be audit ready at all times. Get the most accurate IFTA reporting for tax breaks.

    Want to learn more? Click here

    Ensure the safety of your personnel, working in risk-prone conditions, with near real-time automatic reporting....



    Get vital sensor readings, location tracking and communication with your lone workers, construction and installation services, emergency response, security and police forces. Personal Tracker delivers full visibility into the well being of your mobile in-field staff.


    This is a quick and effective way for your lone workers or officers in the field to indicate distress. They can either activate a panic button on the device or rely on the 3D accelerometer profile that will automatically alert the head office with a man-down mode.


    Personal Tracker is a small, lightweight device that can be attached to a pocket or a belt. It is motion-sensitive and will activate once movement is detected, whether the person is on foot or in a vehicle.


    Personal Tracker communicates with a backend server via 2G/3G networks for remote monitoring (OTA).


    The device notifies of impact or free fall, movement or standstill, check-in or check-out.


    A single charge can last 10 – 24 hours, depending on the transmission frequency and the amount of movement.

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    Track vehicle location. Manage engine health. Ensure ELD & DVIR compliance. Automate driver coaching. All from one platform....

  • The Ultimate Bundle with BigRoad

    Track vehicle location. Manage engine health. Automate driver coaching. Monitor ELD and DVIR compliance.

    All from one platform.

    • AT&T Fleet Tracker MGS800 with ECM on LTE network
    • Vision by Fleet Complete
    • BigRoad ELD app
    • Inspect by Fleet Complete (DVIR app)

    Additional terms, taxes and fees may apply.

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