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FleetUp is the industry's most advanced Fleet Performance Platform. Offering a system of tools to help your business automate manual processes, track fleet performance metrics, and increase your operational control- FleetUp perfects your fleet's efficiency. 


FleetUp Solutions


  • FleetUp 360 Dashcam
    An intellignet, AI Dashcam that provides viewers with no blind spots....

  • With 360 degrees of visibility, the FleetUp 360 Dashcam allows you to see both the road and the driver's cabin (with no blind spots). The intelligent dashcam also triggers automatic recordings when a safety hazard occurs (such as sharp turning, crashes, break-ins, etc). The automatic recordings capture footage from 10 seconds before the event takes place, and ten seconds after. Recordings are sent directly to the FleetUp Cloud, where they are stored for future viewing. 
  • Intelligent ELD
    FleetUp's Intelligent ELD...

  • FleetUp's Intelligent ELD was the first device ever registered with the FMCSA. Apart from being 100% FMCSA compliant, the device also integrates with your vehicle's engine to provide a robust amount of data. FleetUp's intelligent ELD can: 

    -Measure actual fuel waste. 

    -Track vehicles with 10 second updates. 

    -Monitor speeding, sharp turns, hard breaks, and harsh acceleration. With this data, the FleetUp Performance Platform can generate Driver Safety Scorecards. 

    -Analyze real-time engine diagnostics. 

  • FleetUp Temperature Sensors
    Temperature sensors for reefer monitoring....

  • With FleetUp’s Temperature Sensors, You’ll be able to:


    ·      Receive instant alerts when the temperature of your cargo fluctuates to undesirable levels.


    ·       Keep track of each trip’s temperature history with FleetUp’s easy-to-understand Temperature Reports.


    ·       Prove to clients that the temperature of your cargo stayed within acceptable ranges.


    By placing multiple temperature sensors in different areas of your reefer trailer, you will be able to visualize how certain events (such as opening the door, or using air conditioning) affect your cargo. This intel will allow you to more effectively load your goods.

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