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Lube oil pressure driven centrifuge with Bluetooth dirt/sludge monitoring technology.  The IOW MP090 centrifuge has been designed to be fully interchangeable with current products on the market.  This means it will fit with existing mounting without any modifications being required.  The perfect replacement for old spinners.  

Our CentriClean App ( connects and controls SCU-003 monitoring unit with a MP centrifuges.  This allows you to monitor your centrifuge RPMs, set service requirements, log data, and order spare parts.

Next generation of bypass oil-cleaning centrifuges!


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  • The highest performing and only self-monitoring bypass oil filtration spinner type separators in the world - IOW Group brings to the market a new disc stack centrifuge spinner that is the most efficient in the world.

    It is common knowledge that the primary filters, in most diesel engines, allow certain sized contaminates, generally 20-25 microns, to pass through. These predominantly soot particles (a byproduct of combustion in diesel engines) shorten the life of the lubricating oil and cause damage to engine parts as they are very abrasive. The primary filters could be made to take these particles out, but this would mean massive increases in the size and expense of the filters. With the advent of emission controls and exhaust gas recirculation in modern diesel engines, there has been a substantial increase in the amount of soot being deposited into the engines sump.

    The problems associated with soot contaminated lubricating oil have been well documented, and the benefit of its removal, to both engine and oil life, is well known. Larger installations have long had separation systems installed alongside them, but these machines are both expensive to purchase and at times are technically challenging to run. This has meant that for smaller engines it has not been economically viable to have an independent separation system installed.

    Several years ago, IOW Group looked at the basic concept by using extensive knowledge gained from many years of working in the separation industry and decided to redesign the spinner. The brief, although sounding simple, proved very difficult to engineer, but has now finally come to fruition. The target was ‘to develop a faster, more efficient simple spinner centrifuge that ensures minimal cross contamination between clean and dirty oils that has the ability to inform the operator that the device requires cleaning.’

    This was achieved and worldwide patents have been applied for. A MP200 unit was tested against the market leader’s model, a FM200. In three hours of testing the MP200, 35% more sludge was removed than the FM200. This test was conducted under the supervision of Lloyd’s using SAE 40 lubricating oil at 80 degrees centigrade. Copies of the Lloyd’s certificate can be viewed on our website, and more information on the testing procedure can be obtained by contacting us.

    Since witness testing with Lloyd’s, there have been further improvements made, and we estimate that we are at least 45% more efficient than any other spinner centrifuge on the market.

    The IOW Group spinner centrifuges all have the same footprint as the market leader’s centrifuges, so if you have an existing spinner then upgrading to a system that will clean your oil better has never been easier.

    The IOW Centrifuge has been installed on Cummins ISX, Caterpillar 3406, Detriot Series 60, and other engines.


  • IOW MP090 Centrifugal Oil Spinner
    The high performing IOW MP090 is the only self-monitoring, bypass oil filtration spinner type separator, in the world. The IOW MP090 utilizes patent pending dirt/sludge monitoring technology, which notifies engineers when the separator needs cleaning....

  • The high performing IOW MP090 is the only self-monitoring, bypass oil filtration spinner type separator, in the world. The IOW MP090 utilizes patent pending dirt/sludge monitoring technology, which notifies operator when the separator needs cleaning.

    The IOW Group centrifuges are installed on Cummins ISX, Caterpillar 3406, Detroit Series 60, and other engines.

    It is ideal for an oil sump capacity of 15 to 90 liters.

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