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OTR Performance equips you with the power to perform advanced automated diagnostics easier and faster than ever before keeping you in control of your operations. 


OTR Performance - Simplcan Over-the-air Diagnostics

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  • (Jul 22, 2019)
    Title: Used semi-truck dealership  Company: 7E Sales, LLC
    No. of Trucks: 100 retail trucks + repair

    Directly from Steve, the co-founder of 7E Sales, LLC: “The OTR reset tools are great.  They enable our drivers and customers to clear phantom codes and force regens, which enables them to get their trucks into the shop in the event of a breakdown on their schedule.  It allows them to finish that delivery first, which is the important thing.”


    7E Sales, LLC is a used semi-truck dealership. The business has grown over the last seven years to provide a full spectrum of services that include: wholesale and retail used truck sales, full service and parts department, detail shop, body shop and a wrecker/drive away service.

    Steve Sevigny has been involved with trucks and heavy-duty equipment since he was 8 years old. He started working in his family’s truck repair shop, Sevigny Automotive, in Wayland, MI. After graduating high school, Steve started Forever Young Auto and Truck Reconditioning. There, he detailed trucks for the dealers and fleets in the West Michigan area. After 3 years in business, Steve was offered a used truck sales opportunity with M&K Quality Truck Sales. Steve excelled as a 21-year-old retail salesman and went on to work for Freightliner of Grand Rapids and Duthler Truck Center. In 2004, Steve and his co-worker decided to take a leap of faith and start their own dealership in Grand Rapids, MI. They started Grand Rapids Truck Center, LLC and grew the business with adding locations in Springfield, MO, and Newnan, GA, along with a trucking company, S&S Transportation. In 2012, Steve sold his portions of the various businesses and decided to stay in Georgia and start 7E Sales, LLC with his wife, Holli.

    7E Sales, LLC. current operations 

    • They have on average 100 retail trucks in their lot.
    • They operate out of an office building that is approximately 5000 square feet.
    • Their service shop has five bays with a mechanic in each bay along with a service manager and parts counter.
    • In March 2019, 7E Sales, LLC. expanded an additional building with nine bays for quick serve, diagnostic and service shop.
    • Their detail and paint shop have four bays.

    The Problem

    Before OTR Performance’s DTC + AFT Reset Tools, if there was a truck that broke down, 7E Sales, LLC. would have to pay wrecker fees that would cost around $700 per truck. The only other option would be to leave the equipment and personal on the side of the road until they could get maintenance out to fix it. Unfortunately, the time it took to coordinate this and bring out assistance slowed down operations; and the safety of the personnel stranded on the side of the road is also always a major concern.

    The Solution

    The OTR Reset Tool has saved 7E Sales, LLC. thousands of dollars from having wrecker or tow fees. Their drivers frequently provide feedback about how user-friendly the product is. The directions are simple to follow, which allows their drivers to be self-reliant and get the truck to a repair shop in minimal time.

    The Results

    The OTR Reset Tool has been a tremendous help for the transportation in their organization. When they purchase a truck, they send drivers to pick it up and transport it back to their facility. If the truck has issues and shuts down, they can use the OTR Reset Tool to get their equipment and personnel off the shoulder of the road. By having the ability to transport the truck in minimal time from the side of the road to a repair shop, it lowers the chances of having any collisions, injuries, or damages, which could create even more costs. By getting their equipment to a qualified repair shop, versus the time to wait on a wrecker, it allows the drivers to get back on the road safely to reach their destination. Furthermore, each driver at 7E Sales, LLC. is required to carry the OTR Reset Tool during transportation.


  • Advanced Automated Diagnostics
    Simple to use, and no special software or hardware needed.

    Clear Active / Inactive Codes at the Dealer Level
    Clear Aftertreatment Derates and Problems
    Clear Learned Data Values
    Initiate Forced Regeneration...

  • We have three core products that exist to give you control of your diagnostic system. 

    DTC + AFT Reset Tool
    The DTC + AFT Reset Tool is an advanced automated diagnostic tool that gives you the capability to do advanced functions in less than 5 minutes. The DTC + AFT Reset Tool is embedded with a patent-pending algorithm developed in-house. So once the DTC + AFT Reset Tool is plugged in your diagnostic port, it immediately starts working without button pressing and without special diagnostic software or hardware. You can start a forced DPF regeneration; reset active, inactive, and 'Ghost' fault codes; reset DPF / SCR derates; reset aftertreatment learned data; reset DPF regeneration timers; reset DPF soot levels. 

    Volvo Engines
    Mack Engines
    Cummins Engines
    Detroit Diesel Engines
    Paccar Engines 

    DTC + AFT Reset Tool | Professional
    The Professional Reset Tool combines all of our DTC + AFT Reset Tools into one universal tool. We combined all the technology of each Reset Tool from all manufacturers, makes, and models into one powerful, advanced, fully automated tool. 
    The ROI - Instead of purchasing 8 separate Reset Tools to work on all your vehicles we made it simpler and more cost-effective for your operations. One Reset Tool is $499.95, so if you were to purchase 8 Reset Tools it would cost you $3,999.60 (8 x $499.95). With the Reset Tool Professional, it will only cost you $2,499.95 and it will just be one tool, which also means less clutter. 

    Over-the-air diagnostics 
    SimplCan gives you control of your fleet whether they are in your facility or over the road. The core functions of SimplCan are resetting acitve and inactive fault codes, resetting DEF/SCR derates to prevent a 5mph derate, and performing a forced DPF regen. All this is done through the SimplCan application, which means if your driver is delivering a load you can still perform the core functions from your headquarters. In addition to this, you can view live data and fault codes of your entire fleet at all times. 
    Manage downtime and fix issues remotely with SimplCan. 

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