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Triple+ technology has all the capability to provide the early detection, prevention and notification needed to alleviate disruptions and expenses incurred by water damage.Triple+ products are battery operated and wireless so there are no extra expenses. Triple+ devices can be easily integrated with property alarm and fire systems.The devices are powered by cloud technology.This enables long range wireless transmission and secured communication.As data is provided remotely 24/7,property owners away on vacation or property management companies with multiple units are still able to feel secure that their plumbing system is being monitored.Remote action can be taken for valve shutoff which means property owners are no longer reliant on waiting for a plumber to come and assess the cause of the problem and shut off valves, they can do so independently.The system offers a complete backup notifications service.ROI is guaranteed as the Triple+ proprietary technology prevents leaks and averts major plumbing crises through its early detection capability and remote action and monitoring facility. Companies can attract customers with lower premiums if they install

Brands: Triple+ is an innovative leading manufacturer&marketer of products and services within the IoT arena.Triple+ systems:Detact&Prevent water leaks.