Water Saving Opportunities through Peel and York

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Are you interested in saving money while making sure your landscape looks great or finding efficiencies in your water processes?

The Regions of Peel and York have water efficiency programs in place that can help.

Water Smart Irrigation Professionals (WSIP)

WSIP certified contractors have specialized training in “Water Smart” irrigation system efficiency and maintenance services and are the leaders in the irrigation industry.

They are certifed to perform efficiency assessments that can show you:

- how much water your system is using

- how much water is required for your landscape health

- costly leaks

- what volumetric and financial savings can be achieved from installing efficient hardware and controller with a return on investment (ROI) 

Indoor Water EffciencyAssessments

ICI facilities are typically the largest individual consumers of water, and both York and Peel offer programs specifically for the ICI sector. ICI facilities that participate in the program will recieve:

- A water-use profile of the facility

- Customized recommendations of potential water saving and reuse opportunities

- Information to help develop a business case

- Access to incentives