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Surrey,  BC 
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With over 36 years serving the fire and life safety industry, we at WPS, know better than most that building emergency personnel and occupants rarely devote the needed time and energy to fully read their emergency plan manuals.


So, after 4 years of planning, development, and testing we are excited to officially announce and deliver your building’s critical plan information directly to your staff, tenants, and occupants through their mobile devices with our eVac mobile app.


By empowering your building’s management, staff, tenants, and occupants with the most advanced fire and life safety mobile app technology, never again will they find themselves worried, unsure what to do, where to go, or who to call when an emergency incident occurs in their building.


The eVac app powered by the WPS ePlan Advantage system automatically updates the app information on your mobile device enhancing reliability at all times. In addition to the critical information such as emergency procedures and contacts, eVac offers emergency personnel one touch evacuation check-in and alert reporting direct to the building personnel should you need immediate assistance.