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MG Arms – Giving You Options Since 1980.

For over 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of creating the very best equipment possible for our clientele. Be it the ultimate African rifle, superb Match Grade ammunition, the most advanced AR platform, single action handguns that are an absolute pleasure to handle and fire, or the finest custom work you can have performed. Our business is dedicated to building the perfect firearm that matches your individual style and needs. Whatever the situation, wherever the terrain, MG Arms will craft the perfect custom firearm to meet your shooting requirements.

This is our passion. This is our life.

Brands: Ultra-Light, Taranis2, TaranisX, Wraithe, Signature Classic, Banshee, Banshee Classic, KYote, DragonSlayer, Dragonfly

 Press Releases

  • Classic Cars!!  Classic Motorcycles!!  Everyone wants a classic.  Everything old becomes new again so why not bring back our favorite custom guns. 

    Revolvers have always been our true love to build and in our opinion, classic single-action revolvers are the best.  Carol and Kerry have hunted around to world with big caliber revolvers built by MG Arms and we are proud and excited to bring two of our revolvers back on a limited production run. 

    First, the DragonFly was designed to be the lightest big caliber, single-action revolver on the market.  Weighing just over 1 pound in .38 Special or .44 Special makes this a great and fun revolver to carry.  New titanium barrel, new titanium cylinder and a better set of adjustable sights makes the new MG Arms DragonFly the best light weight single action revolver on the market. 

    Second, the DragonSlayer is a handgun hunters dream.  Easy, light, and small enough to actually carry.  Made in the biggest and most powerful calibers in the handgun world. Big enough to kill the largest of game animals and small enough that it doesn’t need a bipod for support.  The DragonSlayer takes hunting to a new realm in getting up close and personal with the game animals you hunt.  Offered in .45 Colt+P, .454 Casull, .475 & .500 Linebaugh, the DragonSlayer can deliver the punch you want on any animal you are hunting.

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  • MGA Ultra-Light
    This is the rifle that earned MG Arms its sterling reputation as a superior custom house. A precision firearm engineered for performance with ultra-minimum weight, ultra-minimum recoil, and ultimate accuracy....

  • The Ultimate in Ultra-Light Rifles

    This is the rifle that earned MG Arms its sterling reputation as a superior custom house. A precision firearm engineered for performance with ultra-minimum weight, ultra-minimum recoil, and ultimate accuracy. This is the pinnacle of firearms craftsmanship, allowing you to experience a truly personalized, custom rifle that is easy to carry, comfortable to shoot, with accuracy exceeding all expectations. Guaranteed accuracy of sub MOA groups. Can be custom built as light as 43/4 lbs.*


    Choice of caliber from .17 Remington - .458 Lott


    Remington 700 right hand action – modified, skeletonized and blueprinted. The bolt has an AR style extractor and is fluted and skeletonized.

    Additional options available:

    • Stiller Action +$800 (limited availability)
    • Left-handed +$200 (limited availability)
    • Barrel:

    Pac-Nor lightweight stainless steel National Match. Custom rate of twist and 4 fluting options are available.


    13 oz. Kevlar Stock – Four styles customized to client. Barrel is free floated with  Aluminum pillars and glass bedding.

    • Ergonomic Thumbhole Stock +$100


    Jewell® trigger – adjustable from 1 to 3 lbs.

    Muzzle Brake:

    MGA’s Super Eliminator™ muzzle break is engineered to fit the smallest of barrels while diffusing more recoil energy. Threaded for easy removal, each rifle includes a thread protector when shooting without muzzle break.


    Stock: Textured epoxy paint, customer’s choice of colors and styles.
    Metal: Color choice in PTFE or Cerakote® finish.

    Recoil Pad:

    Microlight 1” recoil pad


    Guaranteed accuracy – sub MOA (Depending on Caliber)


    Backed by MGA’s Infinity Guarantee


    One box custom ammunition

    $3,995 ($3,295 when built on a customer supplied action)

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