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The best in Amazon Peacock Bass and exotic species.

Guaranteeing that an Amazon Fishing trip meets your expectations is a complicated process. It requires a well-oiled machine with total operational control. We meet these demands by owning, operating, outfitting and organizing our trips. No middlemen get between you and your trip. We are the sole responsible entity with 25 years of experience at making it happen.

We operate four trip types, each accessing different Amazon regions while still providing total comfort and amazing fishing success.  

  • Our Blackwater Explorer yacht provides consistent peacock bass fishing productivity. The comfortable air-conditioned mothership with its nimble bassboats provides the best of both worlds.
  • Our Floating Bungalows focus on trophy peacocks. They can pass navigational obstacles to get to headwaters regions where nothing else can.
  • Our Multi-Species Variety Lodge is an exclusive operation in a pristine Indian reservation with payara, wolfish, peacocks, and giant catfish.
  • Our New Blackwater Adventurer provides luxurious accomodations for intimate 8 angler groups in pursuit of world-record size peacock bass. 

Our all-inclusive, turn-key packages handle your complete program … we take care of the details, you concentrate on the fishing trip of a lifetime!

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  • The Blackwater Explorer yacht
    The Amazon's Most Productive, Most Polished Peacock Bass Trips...

  • Built to fish - Designed for fishermen - We've designed our mothership operation for fishing productivity, angler comfort and maximum navigability, creating the best purpose-built fishing vessel in the Amazon.

    1. Bright, airy cabins with two meter ceilings,comfortable beds, 110VAC outlets and private bathrooms with hot showers in each cabin.
    2. Big air-conditioned dining room paneled in Brazilian hardwoods.
    3. Wide, secure, non-slip stairwells, cabin doors open directly outdoors.
    4. Super-shallow draft for improved mobility -  We fish areas others can't.
    5. Extra-wide beam - Perfect stability.
    6. Smoke-free cabins and indoor areas.
    7. Huge, open-air, upper deck bar and lounge.

    Our focus is fishing productivity, but the watchword aboard is “comfort”. The spacious lounge features an open bar. The dining room hosts sumptuous home-cooked meals, while our open-air lounge offers outdoor relaxing or stargazing. Laundry is washed daily. Our nimble bass boats are towed behind while we travel. We offer optional jungle walks, native village visits, evening catfishing and caiman spotlighting escapades.

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  • Remote, Fly-In Floating Bungalows Fishing Trips
    Trophy Peacock Bass Headwaters Fisheries...

  • Our Fly-in Floating Bungalows have perfected our ability to fulfill the trophy hunter’s fishing dreams. Its extremely shallow draft reaches remote headwaters and otherwise inaccessible fisheries, where the biggest trophy peacocks are found. With access to the most remote fisheries and the flexibility to move into the best performing locations, you’ll fish in some of the best Amazon locations.

    You travel directly to our Floating Bungalow camp via a state-of-the-art, 8 passenger Cessna Caravan floatplane.  We select locations with productive secluded lagoons, often hours away via even the fastest bass boats from the melee of competing operations.

    You'll have the best possible access to the most amazing freshwater fish in the world, in full comfort and security. If adventure and exploration in a group size limited to 8 members are among your ideas of what makes a good fishing trip, then this is the peacock bass trip for you!
    Click here for detailed info about our Floating Bungalow operation
    Click here for September variety Floating Bungalow info

  • Multi-species Variety - Picapau Lodge
    The Fierce Fishes of the Amazon In An Exclusive Indian Reserve on the Rio Travessao....

  • For the angler who’s done it all.  Inside a protected Indian reservation and isolated by impassable waterfalls lies the Amazon’s most outstanding variety fishery. 

    The Rio Travessão holds a potpourri of Amazon species; acrobatic Bicuda, brutish Wolfish, beautiful Sorubim, chunky Pacu, hefty Peacock Bass, fanged payara and the Amazon’s most gigantic catfish; 300+ lb. piraiba, huge jau, big redtails and more.

    Rustic Picapau Lodge is located on an island in the middle of this pristine river. More than comfortable, it features big cabins, private bathrooms, hot showers and wonderful meals. Your job here is to fish, eat, drink and adventure. A satellite camp upriver provides access to additional waters on this unique expedition into a restricted Indian reservation.

    If you're looking for extreme fishing excitement, then this is the trip for you. Join us on the wild and isolated Rio Travessão and experience this eerily beautiful land.

    Click here for a short promo video about the Multi-Species trip;
    Click here for detailed info about Picapau lodge and our Multi-species fishing trip
    Click here for info about the exotic species of the Rio Travessao

  • The Blackwater Adventurer
    Our New, Luxurious Flagship Explores the Amazon's Last Frontiers...

  • New! The Blackwater Adventurer - The Blackwater Adventurer, our luxurious new floating hotel, has a navigational design is different than anything Acute Angling has ever built before.  We designed it to access an untouched river with 90 miles of rocks and rapids in its lower reaches; pretty much inaccessible with normal vessels.  So, our new flagship features a super shallow-drafting barge hull, letting it get into the fishery through the rough stuff.  Then we use super-safe, Cessna Caravan floatplanes to deliver anglers in comfort and ease, bypassing all of the hazards and difficulties and bringing you straight into the heart of the fishery. The floatplane’s capacity of 8 anglers also defined the Adventurer’s design.  Limited to pleasantly intimate 8-angler groups, all guests enjoy spacious private cabins or couple’s suites with king-sized beds; all fully appointed with private bathrooms, hot showers and individual air-conditioners. But it’s not just about luxury.  It’s about fishing success.  The Adventurer uses an altogether new fishing formula;  Its shallow draft ensures it gets to the fish; its mobility allows it to move to the best possible conditions, wherever they are;  Transfer by floatplane means never having to leave the hotspots.  The Adventurer provides the best of all worlds for the angler, ensuring a productive fishing trip.
         Giant Peacock bass on the Rio Curicuriari
     - This floodplain river in a closed Indian reservation is the Rio Negro basin’s last unexplored giant peacock bass tributary.  Although overall numbers of fish caught are very low, there are huge, world-record sized fish here.  This beautiful blackwater river holds huge peacock bass that have never been fished before and never seen a lure.  We’ve already seen that this is a world record fishery (with a new IGFA length record caught here). This is an extremely remote region, creating significant logistical challenges, thus, anglers will arrive via a direct floatplane flight.  This trip is available only in September and October.
        Peacock bass Productivity in the Rio Negro basin - 
     In January and February we move the Adventurer into the gigantic central Rio Negro basin, where excellent numbers and some of the largest peacock bass in the world are found.  Here, the Adventurer’s combination of characteristics allows it to optimize productivity and access the best waters at any given time. 
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  • Amazon video

    Click to open a short video compilation by Cyril Chauquet with highlights from all of our Acute Angling fishing trips


  • Cyril Chauquet and Acute Angling have partnered for many years to bring his wonderful TV shows to life.

    Here’s a short video compilation by Cyril Chauquet with highlights from all of our Acute Angling fishing trips

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