OASIS Medical Inc.

Glendora,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 722

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Our Philosophy

OASIS is a continuous improvement company deeply committed to truth in its business approach, relationships, and products based on our foundation of accountability as a vision care company. Solutions: Oasis REST & RELIEF Eye mask. Punctal Plugs: FORMFIT Hydrogel;  SOFT PLUG: Silicone (now with Pen style inserter), Collagen, Extended Duration (up to 3 & 6 Month). Preservative-Free Lubricating Eye Drops: Oasis TEARS, Oasis TEARS PLUS, Oasis TEARS PF bottle, Eyelid and Lash Hygiene: Oasis LID & LASH Eyelid and Lash Cleansing Pads Original Formulation, Oasis LID & LASH Eyelid and Lash Cleansing Pads with Tea Tree.

Our Investment

OASIS invests in the long term through our strategic partnering relationships with Eye Care Providers. This investment helps the Doctor improve the quality of the patient’s eye care experience. As consultants we are willing to invest time and equip the Doctor with how our approach can assist their Practice. This strategy allows OASIS to thrive by being relevant through focusing on the patient care experience and efficiency of the individual practice.

Our Solution Based Products

Our values of integrity and quality guide our commitment to solution-based products that enhance the patient care. From the beginning, OASIS has been a practice-based company focused on building the Dry Eye and Surgical practice through the various tools we offer.

Our Approach

OASIS is committed to offering informed, relevant solutions based on truth. To do this, we listen first and ask questions to understand an issue at cause. Our professionalism is demonstrated by our ability to think different. We lead with a consultative approach that is flexible and seeks to add value. It looks to address issues rather than only sell a product. It is strategic rather than tactical. Our goal is to create a partnership for OASIS and the Doctor so that both parties achieve a win.

Our Commitment

In addition to an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, truth, accountability, strategic relationships, a consultative approach, a quality eye care experience, solution-based products, being relevant, and professionalism, we are committed to a win-win approach to all that work with OASIS. Our commitment extends to a positive cash flow, profitability, financial security, and long-term sustainability.

Additional Lines: OTC SOLUTIONS, Oasis TEARS®,Oasis TEARS® PLUS,Oasis TEARS HYPOCHLOROUS™, Oasis REST & RELIEF® Eye Mask, Oasis TEARS OMEGA™ 3,Oasis TEARS VISION™, PUNCTAL PLUGS, Soft Plug®, Form Fit®, & New MY OASIS™

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