Hire Dimensions , Inc.

Irving,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 1420 C

Applicantlist provides a technology advanced recruiting solution designed to streamline  all your job postings, applicant testing, referral opportunities,  background checks and drug testing, and onboarding solutions.

Job board push...Get the right jobs, in front of the right people, and watch the magic happen

Branded Career sites...mobile  optimized career site that make it easy for applicants  to apply

Online applications...2 step application makes it easy for applicants to apply

Automated job screening...custom screen every applicant to manage the best talent pool

Employee Onboarding..Employee onboarding is the process of which a newly hired employee gets adjusted to his or her new role in the company. Onboarding includes not only performance aspects of their job, but legal paperwork, and the attitude of an organization as well.