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According to many trade magazines one of the leading causes of concern for the future of both the HVAC and Plumbing business is the lack of qualified field technicians  available and the dim prospect of finding more techs in the future. 

That issue coupled with the high cost and mediocre performance of many graduates of current vocational training centers in the country makes it more important now than ever to look for solutions to your current and future Technical Specialist needs.

In today’s environment it has become imperative to continually recruit and train your future Specialist on your own , and up until now there has been a limited number of solutions to create a quality Service Specialist either quickly or efficiently, but those days are now over for you!

The Technical Arts Center is now open for business!

The leading edge Technical Arts Center has been created and designed by one of the HVAC Industry's leading consultants and experts, Joe Cunningham. In developing this program Joe has created a way for you to personally hand craft a Systems Specialist exclusively for your company and best of all it’s quick, efficient and cost effective!