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United States
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Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has been manufacturing, designing and marketing IAQ products for both residential and commercial applications since 1982.  Our residential product designs are based on the proven technology and designs used in our commercial applications.  In residential we specialize in private branded IAQ products backed by years of commercial and residential 3rd party case studies and supported by ongoing training for your technicians and sales team via live webex, on site sessions, and recorded on line IAQ certification modules. Our training goal is to get your team to believe in IAQ products through technical IAQ training then give them the ability to transfer this belief in layman's terms to the homeowner on every service, maintenance and sales call. Understanding the technical aspects of IAQ products along with the communication skills your team will need to share their belief with the homeowner go hand in hand and will excel your IAQ sales! 

To learn more about our IAQ program to use as your primary IAQ product line or to supplement your current IAQ product offering call or email Steve Mores at 630-417-4998 / smores@dynamicaqs.com.  


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  • Exclusive offer for Service World attendees:

    15% discount on your initial order of $1,000 or more.

    When you purchase SolaceAir products from Dynamic Air Quality Solutions, we become part of your team.  You will be assigned a Regional IAQ Trainer to schedule ongoing complimentary IAQ training for your team.


  • SolaceAir IAQ products and training
    Scientifically correct designed duct mounted UVC/UVV systems, 1" - 24V polarized media air cleaners, bypass HEPA, intelligent fan time delays and more....

  • SolaceAir IAQ products address all three phases of indoor air polution and are manufactured by Dynamic Air Quality Solutions.  We sell the SolaceAir line direct to HVAC contractors so that we can offer you expert training and support.  Backed by over 35 years of case studies and scienticically correct designs we support you with complimentary regional technical and communication training for your team.  If you follow our systematic approach to IAQ, including how to communicate technical IAQ information in layman's terms on EVERY service, maintenace and sales call, we will guarantee your success by substantiall increasing your IAQ sales.