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SpeedClean is driven by a specific and clear mission. Develop market leading, innovative solutions for the HVAC and other professional tradesmen that save time, money and effort.

With over 40 years of experience developing specialty professional maintenance tools and equipment, SpeedClean products deliver the results you need and the quality you expect. SpeedClean is dedicated to being the leader in innovative HVAC, plumbing and general contractor workplace solutions that deliver superior results.

Our management has decades of experience in identifying and manufacturing innovative specialty products for HVAC maintenance. We talk with our customers constantly, helping to identify solutions to everyday problems. It’s this dedication that has delivered solutions like the CoilJet, a portable and rechargeable coil cleaning system, the CoilShot, a revolutionary tablet-based coil cleaner, the BucketDescaler, a portable system for cleaning tankless water heaters and the Mini-Split Bib Kit, the innovative product that makes cleaning mini-splits a breeze. 

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  • Buy any CoilJet® between Oct 10, 2018 and Nov 10, 2018 and you could get a free Mini-Split Bib® Kit. Send the completed form, available at our booth, with the receipt from the purchase of the CoilJet® to SpeedClean PO Box 110301 Stamford, CT 06911-0301 (postmarked by Nov 10, 2018) to recieve your free Mini-Split Bib® Kit. MSRP $99.95. Offer valid for residents of U.S. or Canada only.


  • CoilJet® CJ-125
    Ideal for cleaning coils in locations where water and power may be inaccessible, such as rooftops and attics. CoilJet is designed for portability by including integrated water, and chemical tanks and a long life rechargeable battery....

  • 125 PSI spray blasts dirt and grime but won’t damage fins. Optional spray wand lets you clean from the inside of coils. Integrated water and chemical tanks. Rechargeable battery lasts all day.

    • Clean HVAC condenser and evaporator coils where they are.
    • Applies coil cleaner and then flush with fresh water.
    • Carries all the water and coil cleaner you need to clean up to five, 5 Ton units using 125 psi pressure.
  • CoilJet® CJ-200E
    The CJ-200E offers up to 220 PSI to quickly clean coils without damaging sensitive fins. Its integrated chemical tank and continuous water supply option makes any outdoor coil maintenance task a breeze....

    • Perfect for cleaning rooftop AC units, condenser coils, cellular transmission tower AC units and refrigeration evaporator and condenser coils.
    • Compatible with all CoilJet Accessories, offering better customization to satisfy all your cleaning needs.
    • 3.375 Gal. water tank or use hose connector for continuous water supply
    • 1.75 Qt. chemical tank.
    • On-board cord storage
    • Spray gun with quick disconnect
    • Up to 220 PSI spray blasts dirt and grime, but won’t damage fins
    • 110V, 1.5 Amps
  • Mini-Split Bib® Kit
    With the Mini-Split Bib® Kit, clean virtually any mini-split system using pressurized water on coils, blower wheels and more. The patented technology keeps water away from walls and other surroundings and directs it into the 5 gallon bucket for disposal....

  • Clean mini-split evaporator coils fast with the patented Mini-Split Bib® Kit. It attaches quickly to mini-split systems up to 44″ wide using special brackets. It uses the custom 4 mil plastic bib section to create a barrier against the wall and other surroundings, so that you can clean the coils, fan blades and more with pressurized cleaning systems, like pump sprayers or our CoilJet® Portable Coil Cleaning System.

    The kit is simple to use. Simply slide the brackets in behind the corners of the mini-split air handler. Attach the bib and protective wall plates and tighten. Then place the bottom of the bib funnel into the included 5-gallon bucket. All coil cleaner, water, and debris are safely funneled into the 5-gallon bucket. No mess, and no fuss.

    • Quick to set up and easy to move from job-to-job.
    • Includes 8' drain line for high mounts.
    • Keeps walls and floors safe from water and over spray.
  • BucketDescaler® Descaler System
    The BucketDescaler flushes descaler around your unit quickly for optimal performance. Flush limescale and other deposits in just minutes. Perfect for tankless and tanked water heaters, boilers and other small heat exchangers....

  • The BucketDescaler® makes descaling heat exchangers and water boilers fast and easy. Simply attach the portable, acid-proof and self-contained industrial descaling unit to the in/out water connections and circulate with safe and environmentally friendly, SpeedyBright™.The BucketDescaler maintains its powerful action through constant agitation. It eliminates scale, rust, lithium carbonate, calcium and more on contact, returning any heater to near peak efficiency in minutes.

    • Powerful 3.3 GPM acid-proof pump quickly circulates lime scale removal cleaner for optimal performance
    • Acid proof fittings, hoses and pumps for years of use
    • 6′ inlet and outlet hoses
    • Purge valve to reduce cleanup time
    • Water hose connection for continuous cleaning
    • Optional circulation (SC-DS-5-VLV-KIT) valve allows flow from auxiliary bucket for larger applications
    • Fits any standard 5 gallon bucket (included)
  • Dry Steam Coil & Surface Cleaner
    The new SpeedClean Dry Steam Coil & Surface Cleaner harnesses the power of 265 degree dry steam to obliterate oils and dirt and leaves surfaces clean and sanitized with very little water residue remaining....

  • With the Dry Steam Coil & Surface Cleaner, surfaces are cleaned, and sanitized with very little water residue remaining. Want an added bonus? It uses no chemical at all! Ideal for areas where chemical is prohibited or frowned upon. Great for use on greasy exhaust fans, refrigeration coils, mini-split coils, condenser coils, cooler and freezer seals and duct work.

    • Uses superheated dry steam
    • 65 psi cleaning, little water residue
    • 115V, 13.5 AMPS, 1550 Watts
    • Portable and lightweight
    • Comes with complete accessory kit
    • Degreases and sanitizes