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Fort Myers,  FL 
United States
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FieldEdge is the leading vertical SaaS business that enables contractors to run their small businesses with ease, save time and make more money through targeted marketing and improved resource utilization. FieldEdge has helped thousands of service-based organizations increase sales performance and overall workforce productivity by managing all aspects of their daily operations since 1980. FieldEdge is a hyper-growth software company with a startup culture that is backed by 35 years of industry-leading knowledge. FieldEdge has offices in Fort Myers and Atlanta. To learn more visit or contact us at 800-226-7529.


  • FieldEdge
    FieldEdge gives you insight into how your business is doing in real-time and provides you with the tools you need to save time and make more money in the office and in the field....

  • Techs: more jobs, higher sales, better service

    On each tech’s mobile phone is an arsenal of tools to handle jobs more quickly and professionally, while boosting income on every work order. A visual library of inventory items by category helps techs sell additional equipment and services, showing good, better and best options.

    Office team: everyone’s connected and organized

    Dispatchers can see status of all work orders and techs on a single screen in real time. Office staff saves 20+ hours per week on data entry alone – QuickBooks integration is automatic including invoices created in the field. See every customer’s history and know when to schedule or bill service agreements.