Total Tech

Nashville,  TN 
United States
  • Booth: 1616C

"I can't believe that I learned what I did in such a short period of time!"  We hear this over and over again from our students.  The thought process for technician training is usually one of dread and despair due to the lack of quality education available, but Total Tech is changing that way of thinking.  We are making an impact on contractors, the student looking to learn a trade, and the trade industry.  Our unique approach to training gives the student entering the trades a solid foundation of skills, so they can be profitable for their employer within a very short period of time.  Our training gives the seasoned technician a full picture of their trade and fills in all of the "gaps", which makes them a more well-rounded technician.  Each program has a laboratory where students spend at least 80% of their time.........hands-on is where a student learns, not reading about it in a book..........and it's guaranteed, our labs get used! Our HVAC Service, HVAC Install, Plumbing, and Electrical labs are state-of-the-art and set up for a 21st century education experience.