Interplay Learning

Austin,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 1313

Interplay Learning is an online learning experience platform offering a catalog of on-demand, video-based and first-hand, VR-enabled training solutions for skilled and industrial trades. With our proprietary software, VOLT™, we can create a wider variety of real-world scenarios and situations quicker and more economically (in only a few weeks rather than months or years), making training easily available to more people.


Traditional training can’t quickly prepare a tech for every situation they might encounter in the real world. That makes training techs harder, makes ramping up take longer, and makes career advancement more difficult. Learning is hard. And expensive. And time-consuming. Fortunately, there’s a better way.


Interplay Learning is reimagining the way the trades prepare to get to work.

We make complex skills training affordable and easier. We help businesses improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction and drive higher revenue.


  • SkillMill™ Team
    Online, on-demand training course catalog that gives HVAC professionals the confidence & skills to do the job right. Access via mobile phone, computer, tablet, or in virtual reality (VR), this is online training for on-the-job skills....

  • SkillMill™ includes foundational to advanced HVAC training courses that are created by top industry, subject matter experts. Dive into everything from foundational applied sciences to more advanced concepts like diagnosing refrigerant overcharge. Start with expert-led video courses designed to drive understanding, then move on to the Interactive, 3D based HVAC troubleshooting simulations which deliver field-like training. 


    With SkillMill™ HVAC techs get field-like experience anytime, anywhere.. No more waiting on  service calls to practice troubleshooting. Technicians get better faster because they can practice as often as they need to and companies save money with fewer service callbacks. Less mistakes in the field also means improved productivity, higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue for businesses.