Mitek Wrightsoft

Lexington,  MA 
United States
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  • Right Suite Universal
    MiTek-Wrightsoft's Right-Suite® Universal is the only fully integrated residential and commercial HVAC design and sales software solution that is designed to save you time....

  • Right-Suite® Universal offers a comprehensive digitally-automated application for both new-construction and replacement HVAC projects. Whether you need residential or commercial duct, hydronic, radiant, or geothermal loop system designs, Right-Suite® Universal can help you to properly calculate your loads, accurately design and size your system, produce parts takeoff lists and proposals according to your own parts and pricing, and prepare dozens of professional documentation and reports—all in one program, at the click of a button.
  • Right Mobile Consultant
    Right-Mobile Consultant™ is a web-based sales tool designed to streamline your sales process and increase dealer sales.

  • Right-Mobile Consultant™ was designed with an easy to learn user interface, even the most novice computer user can utilize the program to its fullest potential and give the end user what they really want: speed and accuracy.
    With no software to install, contractors can perform instant ACCA-Approved Manual-J block load calculations with our Maps ability and home data, calculate operting costs/ROI, build custom proposals and much more, remotely from any tablet, laptop or desktop with a web browser.

  • Right J-Mobile
    Right-J® Mobile is a web-based Manual J load calculation tool designed to quickly and easily generate an ACCA approved Manual J8 block (whole house) load with 8 accompanying load reports....

    • Perform fast and easy, ACCA-approved Manual J (block) load calculations in minutes.
    • Revolutionary simple user interface means little to no learning curve.
    • Trusted Wrightsoft technology with  standard Wrightsoft reports approved by code officials and utilities.
    • Designed for mobile devices like; smart phones, tablets and computers. (Requires internet connection)
    • With our exclusive Hotlink Technology the Right-J Mobile software instantly updates based on information and changes entered.
    • Store and retrieve your project on a secure cloud server to enable sharing.
    • Access your files from a desktop, laptop and mobile device.