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NAVAC, a global manufacturer with over 20 years of dedication to the R&D and manufacturing of HVAC/R tools draws upon its commitment to technical innovation and robust R&D allocation to deliver unique solutions in efficiency, accuracy, and ease of use. NAVAC seeks to meet the need for simpler, lighter, faster solutions that expedite service without sacrificing accuracy with our full lineup of tools, gauges, recovery machines, and vacuum pumps.

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  • NP2DLM
    Cordless vacuum pump, 2cfm, BreakFree-series, Dealer Design Award Gold winner....

  • Featuring DC Technology, this lightweight, highly efficient vacuum pump is perfect for any job. With a high-performance lithium battery that provides higher capacity and longer running time, you can bring the NP2DLM cordless vacuum pump on any service call in any location. The NP2DLM is highlighted by its mobile design allowing it to be compact and easy to carry. Lastly, the isolation ball valve and twin cylinder make this vacuum pump easy to use, reliable and ensures maximum vacuum capacity.
  • NP4DLM
    World's highest capacity cordless vacuum pump, 4cfm, BreakFree series....

  • NP4DLM is the world's highest capacity cordless vacuum pump.

    Its high-performance lithium battery had up to 1 hour running time. Its built-in isolation and check valves hold vacuum hold and prevent backflow. This industry-leading fastest cordless pump is suitable for residential and light commercial systems. It features twin cylinder design with ultimate vacuum down to 15 microns. The built-in exhaust filter reduces oil mist. With brushless DC technology, the pump is light and efficient. It weighs only 15.4 lbs with battery. The pump also has a gas ballast to reduce moisture content in oil and prolong pump life.

  • NRP6Di/NRP8Di
    Smart vacuum pump, 6/8cfm, DC Technology, intelligent control....

  • The era of smart refrigerant evacuation begins here with the combination of inverter, vacuum measurement and smart control in one unit. The light-weight, inverter-driven, twin-cylinder vacuum pump delivers high-speed evacuation along with high ultimate vacuum. Vacuum measurement technology precisely measures the system pressure. A digital display provides a comprehensive view of the systems internal vacuum condition. Smart control assures the system’s vacuum by automatically extending the evacuation time after the system reaches the preset vacuum level. A built-in solenoid valve prevents oil back flow and seals the system to preserve the vacuum during power outage or accidental disconnect. Upon completion of operation, the unit will beep to remind the technician that evacuation is complete, so they can move on to the next job.
  • NRDD
    Recovery unit, twin-cylinder, DC technology, digital interface, Master-series....


    The NRDD recovery unit features a Brushless DC Motor making it lightweight and much more efficient, a large backlit display, twin cylinder design with 2-row oversized condenser, oil free compressor and self-purging functionality. The NRDD recovery unit is suitable for all commonly used refrigerants making it the ideal recovery unit!

  • NRC62D
    Smart refrigerant charging machine, 3-in-1, includes temperature probes, Master-series....


    Refrigerant Charging has entered a new era with the NRC62D smart charging machine, featuring a high-performance vacuum pump with increased efficiency over its predecessors, high ultimate vacuum, wireless refrigerant scale, temperature sensor and smart control. There is only one tool you need for your next charging task! The integrated smart control system is highlighted by automatic operation, built-in leak detection, real-time status display and warning notifications and a weigh-in or SH/SC charge options. Every tool you need is in one place with NAVAC!

  • NEF6Li
    Cordless power flaring tool with Lithium battery, 3/4" Max OD, BreakFree-series....


    A welcome departure from creating flares manually, the NEF6Li Cordless Power Flare yields accurate, hassle-free flares in a fraction of the time compared to traditional flaring methods. Equipped with a high-performance, large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, NAVAC’s new automatic flaring solution makes flaring faster and far simpler without sacrificing accuracy or consistency. Designed to perform reliably in harsh environments, the NEF6Li Cordless Power Flare also offers variable speed control and quick-connect functionality. It comes in a sturdy blow-molded case with four tube holders, six commonly-sized flare dies, two batteries, a charger, a premium tubing cutter and a deburring tool. Traditional, manual flaring tools are largely dependent on the individual installer’s expertise, a factor that can lead to inconsistent, often damaged flares. In addition, conventional flaring blocks are cumbersome and require assembly and disassembly. By comparison, the NAVAC Cordless Flaring Tool is far easier to use, with positioning and securing the tube taking mere seconds. From there, all the operator does is press the button to make a flare – also a matter of seconds.