PURCRAFT Heated Hoses  

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PURCRAFT is your supplier for heated hoses and accessories for the sprayfoam and Polyurea industries.

PURCRAFT GmbH is a family business and is located in central Germany. In second generation, we have specialized in the development and manufacturing of heated hoses, particularly designed for the sprayfoam industry. 

PURCRAFT hoses are proudly made in Germany and are compatible and interchangeable with most GRACO®, GUSMER®, GAMA™, PMC and GlasCraft™ units. 

We also provide tailor-made solutions upon your ideas and specifications.

Visit www.purcraftusa.com for our standard heated hoses and products or send us an email to contact@purcraftusa.com with your request or specifications.

Brands: PURCRAFT, GRACO®, GUSMER®, GAMA™, PMC, GlasCraft™, as well as custom designed heated hoses.


  • Heated Hose | 2,000psi | 50ft | 3/8"
    2k-heated hose | 50ft | 3/8" | 2.000psi | max. operating temperature 194°F | DS FLEX | FTS-cable | JIC-fittings | air supply hose | heavy duty scuff jacket

    Interchangeable with equipment of GRACO®/GUSMER®, PMC, GAMA®


  • 2k-heated hose | 50ft | 3/8" | max. operating pressure 2.000psi | max. operating temperature 194°F | DS FLEX | FTS-cable | JIC-fittings | air supply hose | heavy duty scuff jacket black 2"

    This hose is interchangeable with equipment of the leading manufacturers: GRACO®/GUSMER®, PMC, GAMA® and others.


    For PUR- and Polyurea-applications.

    Optionally available with RTD-cable for GRACO® Reactor²®

    All PURCRAFT hoses are manufactured with high quality materials in Germany.

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