Akurate Dynamics  

Houston,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 211

Akurate Dynamics is the leading innovator in spray foam technology and rig equipment manufacturing.

Delta CPS Proportioner

The proportioner uses flow meters to adjust speeds of individually driven motors to account for temperature, flow and pressure changes in real-time resulting in equal flowrates and a 1:1 ratio.

Deltalite Smart Hoses and Deltalite Controller

Deltalite hoses utilize six temp sensors located throughout both the iso and resin hose sections for precise control of temperature from proportioner to gun.

Akurate Dynamics Tank Systems

Our tanks include a built-in auger, on-board nitrogen generator and diaphram pump to ensure safety, stablization and better chemical mixing.

Rig Connect

Remote access to proportioner control systems allow for Akurate's tech team to quickly diagnose, troubleshoot and correct issues.


  • Delta CPS Proportioner and Deltalite Smart Hose
    The Delta CPS Proportioner integrated with the Deltalite Smart hose work seamlessly creating the most intuitive, easy-to-use system ensuring 1:1 ratio...

  • Delta CPS Proportioner 

    1:1 Ratio

    • Easy to use system

      • Every component is designed and built to work together seamlessly 

    • Low maintenance costs

      • With fewer moving parts than a piston pump system, maintenance is cheaper and faster​

    • 1:1 Ratio

      • Integrated software adjust motor speed in response to flow meters for a guaranteed 1:1 ratio

    Deltalite Smart Hose and Controller

    Independent, internally hoses for precise control and fast heating in any environment

    • Six temperature sensors are placed ​in both ISO and Resin Hoses for precise control

    • Pressure measurement is taken 24' from the gun end of the hose

    • Independent internal heating element for each 50' section of hose instantly heats the hose to exact set point in any condition​​

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