Virtue Construction & Street Sweepers

Clavet,  SK 
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Stop by to discuss our community street sweeping program.

Virtue Construction & Street Sweepers is Saskatchewan’s largest & most qualified privately owned street sweeping company.  Our fleet includes commercial street sweepers with built in dust suppression.  All our sweepers are PM10 compliant & certified to remove fine particulate matter. Our finished product is of the highest quality, we offer higher production with our best in class sweep equipment. We have everything you could possibly need to clean the winters gravel, dirt & debris from your community streets.

Our company is committed to operating safely and is COR safety certified by the HCSAS.

We have experience sweeping & line painting downtown cores, residential areas, boulevards, highways, freeways, industrial areas, airports, and parking lots.  We are familiar & comfortable with the traffic control and safety planning that go in conjunction with all our work.

We are proud to include in our client list multiple SK cities, towns, National Parks, Universities & rural municipalities.