Western Heritage

Saskatoon,  SK 
  • Booth: 85

Western Heritage: Serving SK municipalities since 1990

Formed in 1990, Western Heritage is a Saskatchewan-based and employee-owned company with decades of experience in providing services to municipal customers across Canada. We began as specialists in archaeology and cultural heritage. In support of this we also are specialists in indigenous consultation and engagement. We have expanded our services to include GIS management, mapping with UAV and satellites, Maxar satellite Imagery, and our vehicle mounted and UAV mounted Lidar technology. Our environmental monitoring and analysis platform, the EFMP. extracts environmental indicators from historical and current satellite imagery and other information sources and presents them on geospatial dashboard for environmental managers.  Using automated processes and machine learning, Western Heritage obtains baseline information back to the early 1980s.

Brands: Experts in archaeology and cultural heritage, indigenous consultation and engagement.